Gretchen’s Nutrition

Breakfast is more or less the same everyday!

2-3 eggs cooked in bacon fat or butter, 2 big scoops of avocado plus leftover veggies like roasted broccoli or cauliflower and black coffee.

I’ve been experimenting with some smoothie type drinks in the morning as well. My latest has consisted of:  Spinach, kale, 2 eggs, 1 scoop almond butter, handful of frozen blueberries, handful of ice and some coconut water.


Lunch and Post workout

Ground meat (beef, lamb, sometimes venison cooked with only a little salt and pepper), 2 scoops of avocado, small portion of baked yam and some other leafy veg like spinach or kale.



Usually done on the grill. Burgers, steaks, sausage, chicken with some asparagus or zucchini. – I’m not a huge sauce or condiment lover but I love chimichurri and mustard and will use liberally. I love a good salad too and will throw any of the above on a bed of mixed greens and toss with olive oil/mustard/ balsamic dressing.


Dining Out

Mendocino farms and get the steak salad, no cheese. (steak, bacon, avocado, mustard vinaigrette).

Sauce on Hampton is a less frequent occurrence but I’ll usually get a burger no bun with avocado and side salad. Sometimes bacon.

I eat dinner at home 90% of the time, but places I’ve frequented lately are:

Akasha in culver city
Oscars in Venice (favorite hang, I have zero problem finding something to eat here and they serve cider:)
I usually order steak and grilled veggies most places I go.


Snacks and other Thoughts

I’m rarely hungry between meals but will usually work a pemmican bar into my day. It will tie me over for hours. Depending on the time of day I workout, I can get away with eating a late breakfast and dinner only and be good for the day. I also swig some fish oil 2x day and drink plenty of black coffee and water.

Must have kitchen items:

Slow cooker
Good set of knives