Frank’s Nutrition

Breakfast /Lunch/Dinner

There is no differentiation in any of my meals.  I cook quantities for 2-4 meals at a time, and use that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I do tend to have a banana in the morning, because it is so convenient, as well as as 16 oz of veggies in the juicer: kale, beets, celery, and carrots.

Sweet Potato Mash – 1/2 lb ground beef, grilled onions (coconut oil), minced garlic, taco / curry seasoning, sweet potato, wilted kale, avocado/guacamole. Mash and mix all together on a plate, squeeze some lime juice on top, and enjoy.

Bolognese –1/2 lb ground beef, grilled onions (coconut oil), minced garlic, grilled peppers any color, add 1 cup tomato sauce, let simmer in one giant pot until you reach desired consistency. Mix it all up with sweet potato, kale, avocado/ guacamole and top with lime juice.

Bulk Protein Cooking:

2 – 3 lbs of ground beef at a time in a pot. Easiest thing to cook and my biggest staple.  Seasoning rotates between curry, taco, and fajita.?-Baked Salmon: 1 – 2 lbs salmon in oven at 400 degrees for 14 min, or until white appears on top. Lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper.?Oven Roasted Chicken from the supermarket. Convenient and cheap. Immediately pull all the meat off and store for later. ?-Crock Pot food matrix: Mix 2 – 3 lbs of Protein (beef/chicken), 1 lb veggies (carrots/celery/sweet potato/butternut squash), 1 – 2 cups any liquid (coconut milk/vegetable broth/chicken broth/crushed tomatoes/salsa), and any seasonings.  4-5 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low.

Ridiculously Easy Curry – Bring one can of coconut milk to a boil, drop to a simmer and mix in 1 tbsp Thai Kitchen Curry Paste.  Add 1 – 2 lbs of cooked Protein.  Throw in any chopped veggies or greens you like.  Simmer for 10 min.  Serve.  Leftovers simply need to be re heated in a pot, 10-15 min on medium, and taste just as good if not better than the night before. 

Plate Template – 1/2 lb of protein (1/3 of plate), heaping stack of nutrient dense, low calorie veggies (1/3 plate), decent sized portion of starchy veggie or carbohydrate (1/3 plate), and a liberal amount of fat used to cook and season everything (1 – 4 tbsp).

Preferred Food List-

Protein: Ground Beef, Liver, Ground Organ Mix (Beef Heart, Tongue, Kidney), Chuck Roast, Flank Steak, Chicken Breast, Sausage, Salmon.
Nutrient Dense Veggies (usually sauteed in butter but also baked/steamed): Cabbage, Kale, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms, Celery, Chard, Zucchini, Broccoli, Cauliflower.
Starchy Veggies or Carbohydrates (usually baked): Sweet Potatoes, Yams, 1/4 cup White Rice, Butternut Squash, Spaghetti Squash.
Kerrigold Unsalted Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado, Bacon, Bacon Fat.

Dining Out

All burgers are protein style with no bun, everywhere.  Always sub fruit as a side for fries/mash potatoes, etc.

In-n-Out: Double Meat, grilled onions, protein style, with mustard instead of spread (two for only $5.91).  

Brian’s Bowl XL and add any leftovers lying around.

Rainbow acres food bar or pre made salads.  


Snacks and other Thoughts

Bananas are the easiest snack on the go, you can stop in any grocery store and have a delicious snack for less than 50 cents.  I used to eat a lot of fruit as a snack, about 3 pieces a day, usually taken directly before a meal while I’m cooking or directly after a meal as a dessert. I have lowered my fruit intake recently but have increased starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and rice at meals.  Fried plantains in either coconut oil or grass fed butter. DELICIOUS!  85% cacao dark chocolate to satisfy any sweet or sugar cravings I might be having. Hydration: 2 Liters a water a day + 1 cup of tea. Nothing else except for coconut water and alcohol when I cheat (dry red wine, tequila/lime/soda, or cider. I try to have some protein and fat to zone them after and minimize damage.) Young Coconuts every once in while; drink all of the coconut water and then eat all the meat with a spoon. Great snack! Pemmican every once in a while; very satisfying, can work out right after as well. Absolutely no nuts or nut butters; I don’t tolerate them well.