Martina – 2 fried eggs in butter, 4 stips Bacon, 1/2 avocado with hot sauce.  We will often throw in some precooked veggies or ground meats to make a scramble.  Sometimes sweet potato hash and always an Americano with coconut milk (the heavy cream kind from a can).

Diso – Basically the exact same as Martina above with slightly larger portions of bacon/avocado and black on the Americano:)


Lunch and Dinner

Standard Meal – ½ to ¾ lb of ground beef/lamb/bison, skirt steak, tri-tip plus a ton of veggies cooked in a lot of beef/pork fat or coconut oil. Favorites are chopped cauliflower cooked until almost crispy, any hearty greens (chard, kale) with, onions, garlic and fresh herbs or good ol’ fried sweet potatos (hash or fries).  Often times the ground meats will be mixed into the veggies and avocado or chimmichurri will be added for extra healthy fat.

Side note:  Diso works in chicken livers into the ground meats when he remembers for extra vitamins and minerals and no one can tell:)

Bulk “Peasant” Food  – This may also be referred to as a kind of Paleo pasta.  Take most any veggies you have around and sauté them in some animal fat or coconut oil until they start to soften.  This can be anything:  kale, mushrooms, broccoli, fennel, onions and garlic (of course).  Then add in some ground meat(s) and cook until browned, then add in a bunch of canned tomatoes with salt and pepper to taste and simmer for about 10 minutes.

 Add in some grassfed butter and/or coconut milk to enrichen the flavors and simmer for another 10-15.  Finish it off with some fresh herbs if you have any around and serve in a bowl with avocado of course!

Post Workout Meal – ½ to ¾ lb skirt or flank steak plus a whole sweet potato either fried in a little bacon fat or steamed and mashed


Dining Out

We try to eat out for convenience as little as possible.  We believe this makes sense both financially and health-wise.  When we do go out, it is most commonly for dinner someplace “nice.”  We mostly stick to our dietary guidelines, but don’t get too hung up on the details if there is something we want to try.

 Below are a few of our favorite spots:

Sauce on Hampton is our most common breakfast or lunch “convenience” spot because they are next door to the Venice gym, serve grass-fed beef and understand quality and Paleo needs:)   Typical orders might be a burger no bun, no cheese with sweet potato or salad or the Farmhouse scramble.  All orders with extra avocado and/or bacon.

Gjelina is the best restaurant on Abbot Kinney in our opinion
Sunny Spot is right near our house with a great happy hour and brunch
Waterloo and City is next to MDR and has a great late night happy hour for chicken liver pate and tequila


Snacks and Other Thoughts

Diso – I typically only eat 3 meals a day with no snacking.  Pemmican bar or bacon is my go to snack.  I try to never have nuts or nut butter in the house because I cannot control myself. I almost never eat fruit, but love cooking plaintains every now and then.  I love my Espresso/Americanos while working at home, but try not to drink caffeine past 2pm…I try!  I drink tequila straight or on the rocks as my primary cocktail, but enjoy a good glass of red wine as well.  Post workout is the only time I have a lower fat meal with higher carbs (like sweet potatoes or sometimes white rice).  

Martina – Same as Diso, I usually eat 2 or 3 meals a day and rarely any snacks. If I’m hungry, I just eat a meal so my meal times are pretty inconsistent, but I don’t stress if there are several hours in a day where I’m hungry. My meals are high in fat so my body doesn’t leave me in a desperate situation where I would drop dead if I didn’t eat immediately. It is absolutely imperative for me to have Brian’s Bowls handy and they are my meal at the office or home late night very often. It gets heated around here when BBs are out.  Another area that doesn’t always get enough attention on my end (especially if Diso isn’t cooking) is my breakfast. A lot of mornings running out the door in a pinch is my americano with coconut milk and – you guessed it – pemmican. Although I don’t love them as much as G and Diso, I appreciate what they do for me and how they absolutely tie me over until the next meal who knows how many hours later. I am also a big wino and tequila/rocks/lime kinda girl with occasional champagne or cider as a treat.