Paradiso CrossFit Back and Core Videos

The first video below will discuss common problems we see in the BACK/CORE and the purpose of the subsequent exercises.

Remember that the body is an integrated system, so a problem with the upper back can be related to the shoulders or the lower back and the hips, etc.  Be sure to review all segments of this resource, focus on finding improved movement and contact Steve if you need professional guidance.  Click HERE to return to Physical Therapy menu.



This focuses on improving squat depth and improving rotational range of motion. If stretching the right hip, bring right elbow as close to right heel as possible opening up hip as wide as possible while keeping heel on ground. Objective: 5 reps, holding for 10 seconds in each position.


Objective is to improve range of motion in the spine pre workout. Perform 5×5 reps on back then stomach. Goal is to get foot as close as possible to opposite hand. Should not feel pain!



Very challenging exercise for most athletes because it incorporates Glute strength, core strength, and shoulder stability. Start out 6″ off the wall on elbow, keep top leg in contact with the wall throughout the movement. Perform is 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps. If too challenging, lie on side.


One of the most basic yet effective core strengthening exercises when performed properly. Increase difficulty by adding weight, increasing the time, or decreasing lower extremity support.


A variation of hollow hold positions to effectively strengthen the core and train the athlete how to maintain midline stability while simultaneously moving upper and lower extremities, needed during crossfit.


This exercise should be performed with core engaged and keeping your back flat during the movement. Add a band to increase difficulty. Using a mirror or video is advisable as there is a large difference between performing the exercise correctly and incorrectly.


This exercise is great for glute activation and lumbar stability.