“PCF will change your life for the better in as little as 30 days, but the results will last a lifetime.”

The short and sweet: Paradiso CrossFit will change your life for the better in as little as 30 days, but the results will last a lifetime. If you’re serious about getting healthier, getting fit, being more active, or just improving your overall quality of life, then give Paradiso CrossFit a chance. You’ll be stronger, faster, smarter and will have made some great new friends, too.

I’ve hated traditional gyms my whole life. Too boring. Too many aggressive roid-heads. No direction or advice on what to do or technique to use. Not so at Paradiso CrossFit. Everyday is different, challenging and fun. Honestly. Who knew getting your ass kicked day after day working harder than you’ve ever worked before could be so much fun? The coaches walk you through everything so you’re 100% certain you’re doing the exercises and movements correctly before the workout. Not only does this mean you’re getting the proper results from each workout, it also ensures you won’t get hurt!

Oh, and the results were amazing. I started my Paradiso CrossFit Success story in July of 2011 at 245 lbs. Within 4-1/2 months I’d lost 50 lbs. Dead serious. Fifty pounds in less than 5 months. And I am a hell of a lot stronger than I’ve ever been. How’s that for results?

The “gym” goes beyond the physical walls of the location, too. Paradiso and its coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. From rock climbing, marathons on the beach, bike rides, beach volleyball, boat rides and much more, Paradiso encourages you to expand your own expectations for yourself.

It’s the most tight-knit community I’ve ever been a part of – and I grew up as a member of the Southern Baptist Church. The members are dedicated, inspiring, supportive and all-around wonderful people. There is so much to love about Paradiso CrossFit and the CrossFit community, it’ll change the way you look at health and fitness for the rest of your life.

“Everybody love everybody.”