Week 6! Look for a bit of a change up in the days of the weeks we do things -so that people aren’t missing the same thing every week.

This cycle will focus on explosive strength and speed. We will be using different movement patterns, objects and interval time domains to stimulate change and growth within our sport. A quality fitness regimen involves constant change and variety and during this cycle we will use loads and lifts that challenge the neuromuscular system that mimic challenges found outside the gym.


For the first four weeks of the cycle we will be following this guideline:

On Mondays we will Squat and Press

On Tuesdays we will Push

On Wednesdays we will Deadlift and Bodyweight Pull

On Thursdays we will Oly Power and Jump

On Fridays we Sprint

During the second four weeks we will rotate these days but keep the same components.


As always, scaling Options for Class:

L1- A beginner CrossFitter, those that are looking for more cardio based fitness, or someone just returning after a long break. This programming is designed to keep up the intensity during the workout while maintaining consistent movement and proper mechanics.

L2- 50% of CrossFit athletes. L2 Athletes have an understanding of all the foundational movements of CrossFit, how to scale them, and are working towards adding load, increasing mobility or increasing their gymnastics skill base.

Rx- A CrossFit Athlete who understands the foundational movements of CrossFit, moves with proper mechanics while under load, and can do 90% of programmed workouts without scaling.

Competition (Rx+) For the Competitive CrossFitter or those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This person can regularly move with high intensity, proper mechanics, and consistency through all programmed workouts.


Monday July 24th 2017




Back Squat 2X3 @70%, 2X3@ 80%, 1X3@85%, 2x3@90%

Notes: Rest 90 seconds between sets


5 rounds of:

“The Chief”

3 minute AMRAP of:

3 Power Cleans

6 Push Ups

9 Squats

1 Min Rest



Complete 5 x 3 minute rounds. Rest for 1 minutes between the 3 minute rounds.

L1: DB Hang Cleans 15/10, Knee or banded push-ups

L2: 75/55, Supported push-ups as needed

Rx: 135/95

Rx+: 185/135


Tuesday July 25th  2017



Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes (6 sets):

Min 1: 2 Rope Climbs

Min 2: 50 foot sled push

Min 3: 10-15 GHD sit-ups/15-20 Abmat Situps  

Notes: For the sled push you should be able to complete the work in less than 20 seconds so two people can go within the minute.

Suggested weights: L1: 2 Rope Lowers, or 10 RIng Pull-Ups, 45/25

        L2: Climb as high as possible, 70/45

        Rx: 90/70

                  Rx+: legless, 135/90



For time:

50 box jumps

50 kettlebell swings

50 knees-to-elbows

50 wall-ball shots

50 burpees


Notes: 20 minute time cap

L1: 12/8”, 12/8kg, knee raises or tuck ups, 12/8

L2:  20/12”, 16/12kg, knee raises, 14/10

Rx: 24/20”, 24/16kg, 20/14

Rx+: 30/24”, 32/24kg, 30/20


Wednesday July 26th 2017



10 Min EMOM:

Even: In these five sets build to a 3RM deadlift start at 75-85% of what you believe is your 3RM

Odd: ME set of strict Chin Ups


Notes: In five rounds alternate between the two movements, use bands as necessary on Chin ups, Rx and Rx+ athletes (or athletes that can do more than 10 chin ups each round) do chin up chest to bar.  Record TOTAL chin ups.



Complete rounds of:

10 Handstand Pushups

25 Double Unders

ME Unbroken Shoulder to Overhead*

*Time is when you get to 100 Shoulder to Overhead, Any break in movement completes the round.


Notes: 20 minute time cap.

L1: Push-ups, triple the single unders, 15/10

L2: Piked or Abmat hspu’s, 75/55

Rx: 135/95



Thursday July 27th 2017



Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes:

Three Power Snatches, 5 Rocket Jumps


Notes: These are to be completed within the minute. You may add weight as needed. Rocket Jumps should be performed by rebounding off the floor with no reset.  Click here for a demo.




As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

Sprint 50 yards (in 10 Yard shuttles)

20 Jumping Lunges

10 Jumping Barbell Squats


Notes: L1: Ring Rows, jumping air squats

L2: Banded Pull-Ups 15-35 pound bar

Rx: 45/35lb bar


Friday July 28th 2017



Axle Bar Bench Press 5X3 Build to a 3 rep max


Notes: Rest 90 seconds between sets (or alternate with a partner).


Sand Sprints:

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes

10 Burpees followed by a 100 Yard Sprint


Notes: Walk back to the start line


Saturday July 29th  2017



Teams of 2, one athlete working at a time:

3 Min ME Toes to Bar

1 Min Rest

4 Min ME Clean and Jerks

1 min Rest

5 min ME Rope Climbs

1 min Rest

6 min ME WallBalls

1 min rest

7 min Me Cal Row


Notes: Score is total reps.

L1:  V-Ups, DB hang clean and jerks 15/10, Ring Rows, 12/10

L2: Knee Raises, 75/55, 14/12,

Rx: 135/95, 20/14

Rx+: 185/135, Legless, 30/20


Sunday July 30th 2017




5 rounds, each for time, of:

20 pull-ups

30 push-ups

40 sit-ups

50 squats

Rest precisely three minutes between rounds