Week 4! This cycle will focus on explosive strength and speed. We will be using different movement patterns, objects and interval time domains to stimulate change and growth within our sport. A quality fitness regimen involves constant change and variety and during this cycle we will use loads and lifts that challenge the neuromuscular system that mimic challenges found outside the gym.

For the first four weeks of the cycle we will be following this guideline:
On Mondays we will Deadlift and Bodyweight Pull
On Tuesdays we will Squat and Press
On Wednesdays we will Oly Power and Jump
On Thursdays we will Push
On Fridays we Sprint
During the second four weeks we will rotate these days but keep the same components.

As always, scaling Options for Class:
L1- A beginner CrossFitter, those that are looking for more cardio based fitness, or someone just returning after a long break. This programming is designed to keep up the intensity during the workout while maintaining consistent movement and proper mechanics.
L2- 50% of CrossFit athletes. L2 Athletes have an understanding of all the foundational movements of CrossFit, how to scale them, and are working towards adding load, increasing mobility or increasing their gymnastics skill base.
Rx- A CrossFit Athlete who understands the foundational movements of CrossFit, moves with proper mechanics while under load, and can do 90% of programmed workouts without scaling.
Competition (Rx+) For the Competitive CrossFitter or those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This person can regularly move with high intensity, proper mechanics, and consistency through all programmed workouts.

Monday July 10th 2017

Deadlift, 4X5 start with 75% build to 85-95%
Alternate attempts with 4XME chin ups

Notes: On your deadlift, if you’re feeling good go for a 5RM. On the chin-ups please go to sub- maximal failure (one or two before complete failure) Record total chin ups.
Newer athletes use KBs for suitcase deadlifts, and use a band or do ring rows.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 11 minutes:
10 DB Thrusters  
5 Toes to Bar

Notes: Your goal is to complete at least 11 rounds. For every missed round complete 10 burpees (per round) after the workout. Score five rounds? Owe 60 burpees. Scale accordingly.
L1: 20/15, V-ups or knee raises
L2: 25/20, knee raises, or toes to bar attempts
Rx: 50/35
Rx+: 60/40
Tuesday July 11th 2017

Back Squat 3X5 @ 85%
Bench Press 3X10@65%

Notes: Rest 90 seconds between sets (or alternate with a partner). These are separate movements. Finish your back squats and then set up for your bench press.

Handstand Push-ups
Push Press
Run 200 meters after each round

Notes: L1: Push-ups, banded or knees, DB Push Press 15/10
L2: Piked Push-Ups, or feet on box or bench, 75/55
Rx: 135/95
Rx+: 155/105
Wednesday July 12th 2017

EMOM 12 Minutes
3 Power Cleans, 3 Rocket Jumps

Notes: Go Heavier than week 2. Rocket Jump

Overhead Squats
Burpees over the bar

Notes: L1: DB Thrusters 15/10 scale to front squats as necessary
L2: 45/35
Rx: 95/65
Rx+: 115/85
Thursday July 13th 2017

Every minute for 18 minutes (6 rounds)
Min 1: 7 deficit strict HSPU’s (45’s/25’s)
Min 2: 100 meter run
Min 3: 50 foot sled push, add weight from previous weeks

Notes: If you cannot do deficit do reg strict. If you cannot do strict do pike push-ups, if you cannot do pike-push-ups do push-ups. For the sled push you should be able to complete the work in less than 20 seconds so two people can go within the minute. We will add weight next week.
Suggested weights: L1: 45/25
         L2: 70/45
         Rx: 90/70
         Rx+: 135/90


10 minutes AMRAP:

8 Sumo deadlift high pulls
50 Double Unders
25 Abmat sit-ups
8 Power Snatches

Notes: L1: KB high pulls 12/8kg, Alt DB snatches 20/15, 100 single unders
L2: KB high pulls 16/12kg, 55/35 Hang Power Snatches, double under attempts
Rx: 105/75
Rx+135/95, GHD
Friday July 14th 2017

Complete 4 rounds in 12 minutes:
7 Front Squats (from the ground)
2 Rope Climbs
Notes: L1: DB front squats 20/15, 4 rope lowers  
L2: 95/65, 16/12kg, 6 pull-ups, or 2 rope climb attempts for max height  
Rx+: 225/155, legless

7 sets of 50 yard sprints @85% for the first three sets.

Notes: Rest is the walk back to the starting line. Once you reach the line, turn and sprint again with the group. If you are behind jog to start at the same time as everyone else. This is our fourth week of sprinting. Do not go all out on the first few sets.
Saturday July 15th 2017

Teams of 2:
With one athlete working at a time, alternating between each round:
15 minute AMRAP of:
500 Meter Row
20 Box Jumps

Rest 5 minutes,

-Then, with one athlete working at a time,
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Pull-Ups/ 3 Muscle Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings

Notes: L1: 12/8”, Ring Rows, 12/8kg
L2: 20/12”, Banded Pull-Ups, 16/12kg
Rx: 24/20, Chest to Bar,  24/16kg
Rx+: 30/24”, Muscle Ups, 32/24kg
Sunday July 16th 2017

Complete as many rounds as possible in 40 minutes:

750 meter row
40 Double Unders
30 Barbell Jumping Squats  
20 Push-ups  
100 Foot Bear Crawl

Notes: L1: Jumping Air Squats
L2: 15lb bar
Rx: 45/35