Week 12 of Open Prep! This cycle will bring us to the 2018 CrossFit Open. Whatever your goal is you should look forward to getting really fit over the next 12 weeks :).


Monday: Gymnastics Strength rotating weekly, written by Coach Chelsea, Conditioning Prep

Tuesday: Barbell Complex with a one round sprint/into a multi round conditioning

Wednesday: Squats + 30 Minute EMOM- rotating through 4 week cycles

Thursday:  Long Conditioning

Friday: Workout Focusing on the gymnastics movement trained on Monday

Saturday: Deadlift work and or squatting + Partner Conditioning

Sunday: Long Conditioning


Scaling Options for Class:

L1- A beginner CrossFitter, those that are looking for more cardio based fitness, or someone just returning after a long break. This programming is designed to keep up the intensity during the workout while maintaining consistent movement and proper mechanics.

L2- 50% of CrossFit athletes. L2 Athletes have an understanding of all the foundational movements of CrossFit, how to scale them, and are working towards adding load, increasing mobility or increasing their gymnastics skill base.

Rx- A CrossFit Athlete who understands the foundational movements of CrossFit, moves with proper mechanics while under load, and can do 90% of programmed workouts without scaling.

Competition (Rx+) For the Competitive CrossFitter or those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This person can regularly move with high intensity, proper mechanics, and consistency through all programmed workouts.


Monday February 12th 2018  


Gymnastics Strength

20 mins to complete 3-4 rounds for Quality


  1. 4x5 shoulder rows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZgM6n7F0uA
  2. 4x5 Strict C2B pull ups
  3. 4x5 Kipping or butterfly C2B pull ups
  4. 2x 1 min Chinese plank hold hollow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byb0bniTtkM

1 min Chinese plank hold arch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLF-mlMpRBA



L1: shoulder rows standing on box, C2B negatives w/ supinated grip, jumping C2B

L2: Shoulder rows w/ 1 foot on box, C2B negatives banded C2B

Rx: as written

Rx+: 4-5 sets of 7 butterfly pull ups + 5 butterfly C2B + 3 BMU




Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:

135 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps

3 Toes-to-bar

135 pound Clean and jerk, 6 reps

6 Toes-to-bar

135 pound Clean and jerk, 9 reps

9 Toes-to-bar

135 pound Clean and jerk, 12 reps

12 Toes-to-bar

135 pound Clean and jerk, 15 reps

15 Toes-to-bar

135 pound Clean and jerk, 18 reps

18 Toes-to-bar...

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.



L1: 45/35 hang power cleans, or 15/10 hang power cleans, v-ups, 10/8lbs

L2: 75/55, knee raises, 16/12

Rx: 135/95


Tuesday February 13th 2018



Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes:

3 Back Squats, ACROSS AHAP- Record your weight  


Conditioning: WOD DEMO!


9 Deadlifts (155lbs)

12 Hand Release Push-ups

15 Box jumps (24")


Notes: Hand Release Push-Ups

L1: Suitcase deadlifts or 65/45 knee push-ups, 12/8”

L2:  95/65 20/12”

Rx: 155/105 24/20”


Wednesday February 14th 2018



Every 2 minutes for 15 minutes:

2 Snatches, building


Notes: You may drop between reps, build to a heavy double, power or squat  



30 minute AMRAP:

10 Handstand Push-Ups

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

12 KB Swings



L1: 8  Push-Ups, 6 BBJ 12”, 12/8kg

L2: Pike HSPU’s, BBJ 20/12”, 16/12kg

Rx:  10 BBJ 24/20”, 24/16kg

Rx+: 32/24kg


Thursday February 15th 2018


45 minute AMRAP:

50 Double Unders

50 Russian Twists (medball)

50 Calorie Row

50 DB Overhead Squats (25 each side, alt however you’d like)



L1: Single Unders, 10/8, 15/10 (front squats as needed)

L2: attempts, 14/10, 35/25

Rx: 50/35

Rx+: 70/50


Friday February 16th  2018



21-15-9 Thrusters!


Notes: Last week of this!


Record both weight and time.  

L1 athletes, or athletes with poor mobility use DB’s

Rest two minutes between rounds




Wall Balls


Box Jumps

DB Snatches


Notes: 18 minute time cap

L1: 10/6, jumping C2B, 12/8”, 15/10

L2: 14/10, banded C2B, 20/16”, 35/20

Rx: 20/14, C2B, 24/20”, 50/35

Rx+: 30/20, C2B, 24/20”, 70/50


Saturday February 17th 2018



Spend 20 minutes to:

Find a 3RM Overhead Squat


Partner Conditioning:

25 minute amrap:

Each Row 250 Meters while your partner holds plank

10 Rope Climbs (alt 1/1)

100 Meter Sandbag Run, Partner does burpees while other partner is running, switch partners each round


Score is total burpees completed by team



L1: climb as high as possible or climb on the short rope, 30lb sandbag

L2: climb as high as possible, 50/30

Rx: 70/50


Sunday February 18th 2018




15 minute amrap:

15 Lateral Bar Burpees

15 Squat Clean Thrusters

30 Jumping Lunges


Rest 5 minutes


15 minutes amrap:

15 Power Cleans

15 Ring Dips

30 Sit Ups



L1: Bench Dips, DB 15/10

L2: 75/55

Rx: 115/75

Rx+: 155/105

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