Cycle 1 2017-2018 Season:
Mondays- MU Strength/Squatting Conditioning
Tuesdays-Box Squatting
Wednesdays-Gymnastic Pressing Strength  
Thursdays- Long Workouts
Fridays-MU conditioning
Sat- Partner Workouts
Sundays- Long Workouts

Scaling Options for Class:
L1- A beginner CrossFitter, those that are looking for more cardio based fitness, or someone just returning after a long break. This programming is designed to keep up the intensity during the workout while maintaining consistent movement and proper mechanics.
L2- 50% of CrossFit athletes. L2 Athletes have an understanding of all the foundational movements of CrossFit, how to scale them, and are working towards adding load, increasing mobility or increasing their gymnastics skill base.
Rx- A CrossFit Athlete who understands the foundational movements of CrossFit, moves with proper mechanics while under load, and can do 90% of programmed workouts without scaling.
Competition (Rx+) For the Competitive CrossFitter or those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This person can regularly move with high intensity, proper mechanics, and consistency through all programmed workouts.
Monday April 17th 2017

Rotating for 21 minutes:
Minute 1: 7/5 Ring Pull-Ups
Minute 2: Acc 20-30 Second bottom of the Dip Hold
Minute 3: 30 Seconds of Hollow Rocks

Notes: L1: Ring Rows, Spotted dip hold, hollow hold, or 30 tuck ups
Rx: For Ring Pull-Ups do your best to pull your chest all the way to the rings (make
contact). Unbroken Dip hold
For time:
10 front squats
400 meter run
10 front squats
400 meter run
10 front squats
400 meter run
10 front squats

Notes: Light and Fast. Pick a weight you can sprint through this workout with.
L1: DB 20/15
L2: 75/55
Rx: 95/65
Comp (Rx+) 135/95

Tuesday April 18th 2017

Box Squatting
Every 2 minutes for 18 minutes do 5 box squats building

For time:
50 dumbbell snatches
5 rope climbs
40 dumbbell snatches
4 rope climbs
30 dumbbell snatches
3 rope climbs
20 dumbbell snatches
2 rope climbs
10 dumbbell snatches
1 rope climb

Notes: Divide up DB snatches however you would like (they don’t need to be alternating).
L1: 20/15, Rope Lowers or 10 ring rows each round.
L2: 30/20, Rope Climbs as high as you feel comfortable or Rope lowers
Rx: 55/45
Comp(Rx+): 70/50
Wednesday April 19th 2017
Spend 20 minutes moving through alternating sets of:
A) Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press  4X20
B) Alternate with Narrow Grip Bench Press 4X10

13 Down to 1, For Time:
Unbroken Wallballs
L1: 10/8
L2: 14/10
Thursday April 20th 2017

40 minute AMRAP:
5 Wall Walks
100 Meter Run with Sandbag
15 KB Swings
20 Cals on the Rower

Notes:  L1: Piked HSPU’s or seated press, 30lbs, 12/8kg
L2: Piked or abmat HSPU’s, 50/30lbs, 16/12kg
Rx: Kipping, 70/50lbs, 24/16kg
Rx+: Strict, 90/70lbs, 32/24kg
Friday April 21st 2017
Spend 20 minutes alternating between:
A) 4x10 Snatch Grip Deadlift at a moderate weight
B) 4X20 GHD situps

Notes: Alternate A and B. On the SGD focus on not standing up all the way too early (staying over the bar) and working on your first pull. Make sure you are starting each rep in your snatch start position. This movement is designed to get you stronger off the floor in your snatch. Use straps if possible.
If you have not developed a capacity on the GHD sit-ups either do one round and then Abmat sit-ups or do all Abmat sit-ups. Everyone should attempt a few GHD situps.

15 minute AMRAP:
1 MU/1 Thruster, building

Notes: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc.
L1: Ring Rows or banded pull-ups, 15/10 DB
L2:  MU Transitions, 65/45
Rx: 95/65
Rx+: 135/95

Saturday April 22nd 2017

For time, one partner working on the odd minutes, and one on the even minutes:
100 chest-to-bar pull-ups
125 push presses
150 Burpees
200 back squats

Notes: Back Squats are taken from the ground. One bar for each team. Work from 0:00 to 1:00, rest from 1:00-2:00, work from 2:00-3:00, rest from 3:00-4:00, etc. This should feel like 1:1 Rest. Go all out for your minute and then let your partner go all out don’t spend too much time trying to perfectly split reps- spend more time thinking about your intensity on your turn. Your partner must rest the entire minute you are working.

L1: Ring Rows, DB Push Press 15/10, DB Front Squats 15/10
L2: Banded C2B, 65/45 may take the bar from a rack.
Rx: 95/65 Bar from the ground.

Sunday April 23rd 2017

2 rounds for time of:
20 push-ups  
Run 200 meters
30 clean and jerks
Run 200 meters
40 box jumps
Run 200 meters
50 deadlifts
Run 200 meters
60 wall-balls
Run 200 meters
70 Double Unders
Run 200 meters
80 sit Abmat sit-ups
Run 200 meters

Notes: 45 minute time cut off.
L1: 55/35lb deadlifts, or KB suitcase deadlifts 12/8kg, BJ 12/8”, DB Clean
and Jerk 15/10, 10/8,  single unders
L2: 65/45, BJ 16/12”, 14/10
Rx: 95/65, 24/20”, 20/14

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