Corporate Training

The mission of Paradiso Corporate Fitness is to bring functional fitness and health into the workplace.

We have over 7 years of group coaching experience, with over 500 active members at 3 locations in the Venice and Marina del Rey area.

Our coaching and group training environment provides an excellent mechanism for unifying individuals and community within the workplace. The workouts are designed for any fitness level to be challenged while having fun.

We offer on-site and off-site coaching options, as well as fitness/nutrition challenges or mobility seminars with our in house physical therapist.

One great example of success within the corporate environment is HGST (formerly Hitachi). They have now expanded their services from the 2 locations in California to have a CrossFit gym in 10 office and warehouse locations worldwide and offering CrossFit to all of their employees.

Additionaly, we offer a series of free trial classes (either on or off site), as well as complimentary memberships to our gym facilities for those individuals that are responsible for making the decision to work with us on a longer term basis.

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