Corporate Fitness Training

The expert coaching staff at Paradiso CrossFit shares over 7 years of experience in group coaching. We understand both the benefits and challenges of corporate fitness training and know how to design a program tailored around your goals. We’re dedicated to building the best CrossFit community in Southern California, which is why we’ve built the best team of CrossFit coaches with experience in corporate training and team building exercises. Read on to learn more:

Team Building
Our group CrossFit training programs are meant to provide an excellent mechanism for unifying individuals and encouraging community within the workplace. Every workout is designed to be fun and entertaining while also challenging you and your employees. Our coaches will help your team improve their fitness and build relationships in the process.

Flexible Training Options
We offer both on-site and off-site coaching options, as well as fitness and nutrition challenges that will encourage everyone to participate in achieving a healthier and more active lifestyle. You can also request the services of our in-house physical therapist for mobility seminars.

If you are interested in learning more about Paradiso Crossfit’s corporate fitness training or other group style classes, do not hesitate to contact the gym nearest to you. We also offer free trial classes, both off-site and on-site, for those considering joining our training program.

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Additionaly, we offer a series of free trial classes (either on or off site), as well as complimentary memberships to our gym facilities for those individuals that are responsible for making the decision to work with us on a longer term basis.

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