Lindsey Kelly

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image1A native of Chicago, Lindsey was first introduced to CrossFit in the Fall of 2010 by a co-worker while living in Tucson, AZ. After completing four years of collegiate swimming at an elite level, Lindsey was looking for a competitive, performance based fitness program to fill the void of competition and teamwork, and to aid in maintaining the fitness she had acquired as a Division I swimmer.

Beginning with her freshman year at Lake Forest High School, Lindsey’s team placed in the Illinois State top three, placing 3rd, 2nd, and 1st for the first time in school history with Lindsey contributing multiple state champion and All-American honors, as part of a team whose Olympian coach promoted individual growth that contributed and sacrificed for a team result. In addition, summer coaching age group club swim teams partly inspired her to pursue a teaching degree.

As a high school senior she was recruited to swim as a sprinter from one coast to another, but the University of Arizona seemed to be the best fit considering the head coach fostered individual visions as well as a collaborative team vision. Her collegiate career resulted in not only 3 personal National Championships, 3 broken American and NCAA records, but also a team, for the first time in school history, placing 3rd, 2nd, and NCAA champions during her four year involvement.

Lindsey maintained her passion for swimming by coaching with dedication, passion, and responsibility, the renowned FORD Aquatics club team while simultaneously pursuing her Elementary Education degree. Upon graduating Lindsey was encouraged to train as a 2012 Olympic caliber Triathlete. She chose not to proceed directly into a classroom due to the intense discipline and commitment required for both paths, but soon found her true passion in CrossFit.

She continues as a committed, disciplined, and responsible individual sharing the blessings she has historically chosen to nurture in her life while helping others to strive for excellence. Lindsey continues to have a passion for swimming, education and improving her all around fitness and strongly believes in the CrossFit system. She is looking forward to continuing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition to thoroughly educate adults and children on the benefits of CrossFit, so they too can live longer, happier lives.

CrossFit Achievements:

2012- 10th Place Team North Central Region, CrossFit Impact
2013- 28th Place Individual North Central Region, CrossFit Impact
2014- 1st Place Team Central East Region, CrossFit Conjugate Black
2014- 2nd Place Team CrossFit Games, CrossFit Conjugate Black
2016- 31st Open Central East
2017- 22nd Place Open Central East