Lindsay Sudell

Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Kinesiotaping Certified
Master of Occupational Therapy
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Certified

Lindsay has always been drawn to physical activity & wellness both in her personal life & professional careers. Lindsay attended The Pennsylvania State University, graduating in 2007 with degrees in Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology. She worked as personal trainer prior to earing her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at The University of St. Augustine in 2009.  She has a strong desire to help people better themselves in many avenues in their lives, whether it be fitness, nutrition, enhancing quality of life, mental health, or general well-being and life satisfaction.

Lindsay discovered Crossfit in 2012 after she “bargained” with her now-husband, Dr. Steve Sudell, that she would take one day off of Power Vinyasa yoga to try Crossfit in exchange for him taking her on their favorite hike. Since that day, Lindsay has been hooked & has never looked back. She instantly became motivated by the competitive, encouraging nature of Crossfit. She competed in numerous local competitions & trained for the Paradiso Crossfit Regionals team in 2014. Through Crossfit she has also discovered a real love for Olympic weightlifting and the empowerment that both fields bring to women. She is a firm believer in Strong is Beautiful and loves the shift in mindset in the fitness world from purely aesthetics to function & focusing more on what the body can do.

Lindsay has been coaching at Paradiso Crossfit since 2014 with the goal of helping to build a better beautiful one day at a time.