Graeme Smith

graeme-smithGraeme was born in the ice-cold abyss of Western Canada.  Always one to seek greener pastures, he moved his family to Northwest Missouri at the age of three.  The son of an avid runner, Graeme "discovered" his passion for distance running early in life, finishing a 10K road race in exactly 60 minutes at eight years old.  He also played tennis for ten years, retiring from the Missouri Valley circuit at 15.  Amatuer film-making and basketball developed into regular hobbies, while track and cross-country became obsessions.  

While attending college at Washington University in St Louis, Graeme opted for less running and more body mass, spending a lot of time in the weightroom and on the basketball court, but mostly in the frats, house parties, and bars.  In 2007, after attending law school at the University of Missouri for a total of five semesters, he decided to chase the dream and move to Los Angeles.  
After a couple of lucky breaks, Graeme found himself working as a writer, producer and director in the Sports Television world.  His production credits include work for HBO, NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network, and the UFC.  He has worked day-to-day with Peter Berg, written for Jim Rome, drawn up plays with Kurt Warner, put words in Jay Mohr's mouth, and chased Conor McGregor around the globe and through the middles of many nights.  In 2015, he won a local sports Emmy for executive producing Lakers Top 10s on Time Warner Sports.
Since July, 2011, the network sports gigs have come and gone, but the one thing that has remained constant in Graeme's life is Paradiso Crossfit.  In June, 2016, he made it official and "crossed over" from member to staff.  Graeme is thrilled to have the opportunity to grow with PCF into the future and extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity.