Class Descriptions


Our infamous hour long group training sessions.  This program works on a year long training plan broken up into 8 week training cycles and 2 week testing periods.

These classes will improve your overall health and fitness through functional movements and a structured class setting that includes:  group mobility/warmup, strength or skill element, high intensity conditioning and a cool down.  

While our goal is for everyone to participate in the group classes, sometimes we recommend starting with private training to ensure safety and long term success.

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The Venice Barbell Club is a stand alone facility located at 712 Lincoln Blvd, just a few blocks from our Venice location.  They offer separate and specific programming and coaching for improvement in the olympic lifts. 

This facility is open to all members and are for any experience level.  These are not hour long group classes, but rather thera are 9 platforms and equipment available to perform the prescribed VBC programming, practice your lifts or perform your own programming.  

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Open Gym

Come in to use the facility and work on your individual needs, perform a quick workout or some needed recovery/rehabilitative work.  The equipment and space is provided on a first come first served basis.

Track Class

Hosted Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30am and 7pm at the Santa Monica College Track with 2x Olympian Coach Prince Mumba.  Classes are constantly varied with drills and intervals.  Learn to improve your running form and build a solid foundation for any fitness goal.  Class is free with membership or $25 to drop in.

Swim Class

Hosted at the Santa Monica College Swim Center every Thursday night at 7:30pm with coaches Amy and Andrea.  We offer two lanes for varying abilities.  Classes consist of warmup, skill/technique work and various style of interval training.

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PCF University

PCF University classes are specialty classes designed to help you improve one specific area of health and fitness through an immersive experience. Classes meet once per week, and you will receive homework from your instructors.  

A new "semester" of PCF University begins every 2-3 months and the course offerings will be designed to compliment our upcoming training cycle and fill specific needs we see within the Paradiso community.  Classes typically last from 4-6 weeks and range in cost from $75-99. 

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