Class Reservation Policy

Our goal is not to prevent you from attending class and rule with an iron fist, but rather to use this as a quality control tool.  We strive to provide a superior experience for every member, during every class, and at every location.

Class Reservation Policy: 

  1. Reserve up to 7 days in advance
  2. Cancel an existing reservation up to 3 hours in advance
  3. 15 people max at MDR
  4. 20 people max at Venice (includes all athletes training)
  5. There will be a 3 “strikes” policy before you get charged and we will also reset the system every 3 months.
  6. After 3 “strikes,” we will charge $15 for a late cancellation and $25 for a no show.

How to Reserve/Cancel class on your smart phone:

  1. Download the Wodify app and input your username and password
  2. Click the drop down menu on the upper right and select “Class Schedule”
  3. Find the proper date, location, program and class time and select “Reserve”
  4. To cancel, select “Cancel” on the same screen

How to Reserve/Cancel class on a computer:

  1. Go to and input your username and password
  2. Select “Calendar”
  3. Find the proper date, location, program and class time and select the associated small calendar icon.
  4. To cancel, select the small slashed circular icon in the same area

*If you do not know your Wodify Username and/or Password, please email


Frequently asked questions:

Q:  What if I don’t know if I can make it?   What if I get stuck at work or in traffic?
A:  Then don’t reserve far in advance.  We anticipate that the majority of our classes will be available for reservation last minute and you can reserve when you are moments away to ensure that any walk-ins don’t grab your spot in the busy class times.

Q:  What if I show up and the class if full?
A:  The short answer is that we will ask you to wait for the next class or to go to the other facility (which is typically offset by 30 minutes at peak times).  This is the scenario we want to avoid and why we are doing a trial run through September so you can get used to the system.  We will not be turning anyone away during this month.

Q:  What if I’m hanging out and/or want to do my own thing?
A:  Our open gym policy is not changing, but if you are taking up training space, you still must reserve your space.  We are going to hold the coaches to this standard as well if they are participating in class or training private clients.

Q:  How does this work for the Barbell Club?
A:  If you are attending an official VBC training time, go to “Barbell Club” under the programs list and reserve your spot like normal.  If you are coming in early or outside a normal VBC training time, you will need to reserve one of the spots in the “Group Class” or “Open gym.”

Q:  What if I am staying longer than one hour?
A:  We understand people are going to be warming up before class and hanging out after class, but if you are taking up training space, we will request that you sign in to that class time.