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PCF University classes are specialty classes designed by our expert coaches to help you rapidly improve in a specific area of health and fitness. Classes meet once per week, and include “homework” and additional support options.

We will have four PCF University Options this semester, including our first offsite collaboration with Tempest Free Running academy!

To learn more, or reserve your space in any of these classes email mail@paradisocrossfit.com

Snatch With Coach Jess Suver

(limited space)
This class is for beginner athletes and advanced athletes alike. This class is about form; spending time on positions and figuring out specific exercises that can help you achieve that ever allusive snatch PR.

The class is $125 a person with a limit on 9 people. It will be held at VBC every Sunday at noon beginning April 23rd, and it will run for 5-weeks.

Nutrition Foundations With Matt Walrath of Beyond Macros

This class is for you if you realize that they need to change your eating habits, but you haven’t taken any significant first steps yet. It is also for you if you have been on a diet, but yo-yo’d afterwards because you didn’t actually learn good eating habits.

This class will focus on the process of making lasting behavior change, while also educating clients about food and eating.

This class will not focus on weighing or measuring food, but instead will focus on a creating high-impact habit changes that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of eating well.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be poised to further “dial things in” with ease after laying this foundation.

The 5-week class will begin Saturday, April 22nd at 2pm and the cost is $99 for the class-only, and $299 for the class plus an initial 1-on-1 consultation and weekly email check ins from a dedicated coach.

Prehab2Perform With Steve & Lindsay Sudell

Do you have pain? Poor overhead position? Limited squat depth? Plateaus on your lifts?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you must attend the Prehab to Perform Seminar. This class was designed, created, and will be taught by Dr. Steve Sudell. Steve is a Physical Therapist, crossfit coach, and former Crossfit Games Competitor-Team.

This is a hands on, interactive class that will:

  1. tempestIdentify Muscular Imbalances
  2. Improve  Overall Mobility
  3. Strengthen Areas of Weakness
  4. Make  You More Resilient  to Injury

The class will be $99 for 6 sessions beginning Sunday April, 23rd a 1pm and includes a Prehab 2 Perform manual which includes pictures and links to prehab videos for future reference/guidance.


Free Running at Tempest With Brian Orosco

In this 6-week class designed to help you progress from an absolute beginner, we will cover all the fundamental movements of parkour, but more importantly, we’ll introduce the concepts central to the alternative perspective all freerunners share.

Working through a progression of vaults, climbs, plyometrics, and bar skills, we’ll build spatial awareness and invigorate natural accident avoidance.

We seek to help adults unlearn the decades of inefficient habits and rhetoric that cripple natural, free movement.

Whether you are a casual CrossFitter or elite competitor, we’ll also expose simple hacks to help you work smarter, not harder.

This class is taught by Austin Gall, head coach at Tempest Free Running academy, and Brian Orosco, a full-time professional athlete & stuntman who also happens to be a CrossFit Trainer.

At $120, this 6-week package exclusive to PCF University will save $110 over the full price equivalent by offering insider pricing without any of the obligations of a recurring monthly membership. Class will be Thursdays at 7pm at Tempest Southbay beginning 4/20.