PCF University – Fit Outside the Box

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Fit Outside the Box:  Master your routine for sleep, stress-reduction, and eating psychology

  • How can you prioritize self care, pursuing your passions, and navigating stress when life comes at you?
  • This course is about putting words and action to 1-3 major areas of life you have been putting on the back burner (family, career, recreation, relaxation, etc.) and using the 7-step habit creation process created by Tessie in order to create the next best version of you in a sustainable way.
  • Two examples of the type of work Tessie has done to help Paradiso members achieve their goals:
    • She laid out a daily routine to make time for passions, improve communication, and create a wind-down routine before bed.
    • With another she focused on slowing down with food to enhance relaxation, satisfaction, and metabolism. They also worked on fitness goals while traveling, and creating a structure around meals and exercise.
  • Tessie is a Certified Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition Coach, as well as a Certified emotional intelligence and Personal Development Coach.
  • This course is 7 weeks for $79 and will take place upstairs at Venice on Tuesday nights at 8pm.
  • Email tessie@paradisocrossfit.com to signup or ask questions