New Semester of PCFU!

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PCFU classes begin next week July 10th! Sign up now to reserve your spot!

  • Clean and Jerk Class with Coach Jessica Suver
    • This class is about form; spending time on positions and figuring out specific exercises that can help you achieve that ever allusive PR.
    • $125 a person with a limit of 10 people.
    • Held at VBC every Sunday at noon, beginning July 16th, and it will run for 6 weeks.
    • Email to reserve your spot
      Playa Vista Paradiso Crossfit Clean
  • Prehab2Perform With Steve & Lindsay Sudell
    • This is a hands on, interactive class that will:
      • Identify muscular imbalance
      • Improve overall mobility
      • Strengthen areas of weakness
      • Make you more resilient to injury
    • $99 for 6 sessions beginning Sunday August, 6th at 1pm
    • Email to reserve your spot
  • Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Street Sports
    •  During the classes you will learn:
      • Applications of various chokes and holds – (defense & offense)
      • How to avoid being taken down in a street fight
      • How to stand properly in a street fight
      • How to get ESCAPE from full mount position
      • How to deal with pressure and fatigue during a fight & training
    • We need a minimum of 10 people to signup, which would be a cost of $150 per athlete ($25 per class).  But we can have up to 22 people, where the cost will go down the more people we have signup.  Feel free to invite your friends to join you!
    • Email if you want to signup or have any questions
  • Calisthenics Class with Coach Chels and Erika Gasztonyi
    • Class will be hosted Saturdays at noon
    • Planning on teaching 2 movements/day
    • Cost will be $125/person and open to all skill levels
    • Exact syllabus TBD, but movement examples include: handstand variations, bar skills like pull overs, front/back hip circles, front/back levers, ring skills like kip ups, rolls, and levers and flags.
    •  Email if you have any questions or want to reserve your spot.Crossfit Ladera Heights Handwalk
  • CrossFit for Women: How to Approach Weight Loss While Building Positive Body Image
    • Focusing on building inner confidence in order to create the outer results we desire.
    • Classes will meet on Thursday evenings at 8pm starting July 13th.
    • Each class will consist of a short 30 minute workout followed by a discussion topic over the 6 weeks.
    • Email if you want to signup or have any questions.