4th Annual PCF World Championships

Event Details

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For the past 4 years, we have hosted a friendly inter-gym competition between Marina Del Ray and Venice.

The last two years , the event has been held at Muscle Beach, this year we a fun change-up. MDR has won the last 2 years, and Venice is looking to even up the title count this year.

The PCF World Championship will be held Sunday, November 6th at the Culver City High School Track from 10-4pm, this time frame includes awards ceremony.

Holding the World Championships at the track open ups a new world of opportunity for different events.

The PCF World Championship is designed first and foremost to be fun! Just like what we do in class every day, this is a friendly competition, where the scoring will be designed to be inclusive, scaling options will be provided. Check out THIS VIDEO of the 2014 event at Muscle Beach to see how fun it is was.

SIGN UP HERE NOW – Signing up does not obligate you to performing any specific events at this point! You will be placed on a coach’s team and they will help to strategize and provide support for their assigned members.

Event details will be announced in two weeks, but be ready for:

  • CrossFit Games events
  • Track and Field events
  • Team field events
  • Events for everyone
  • Events to test the best from each gym
  • Electronic scoring system!