The Champ is Human

  Saturday, July 26, 2014   Prehab: Scap push ups 2×15 Banded Squats 2×10 Hip DROM Warm up: 2 Min Jump Rope -then- Bear Crawl x50′ Crab Walk x50′ Skipping

Girls of The Games

Saturday, July 19 Beach WOD- 11:30 am! Prehab: Scap Push ups 2×10 Lat activations 2×10 Fire Hydrants 2×12-15 Warm-up: Row 400m (200 easy/200 moderate pace) 2 rds with barbell of:

Improve Your Front Rack

Saturday, July 12 Beach WOD- 11:30 am!  Prehab: Side Plank with Side Kicks 2×30″ Doorway Stretch 30″ T-band External Rotations 2×15 Warm up: 2 Min Jump Rope -then- Bear Crawl

Trust Your Taste Buds

Saturday, July 5 Beach WOD- 11:30 am! Prehab: Keg Drill 2-3 min Doorway Stretch 2×30″ Snow Angels 2×20 (2.5lb plate) Partner Warm up: 3 rds of: Partner 1 runs 200m

Saturday, June 28

Beach WOD- 11:30 am! Prehab: Handstand holds 2×30″ Banded Squats 2×10 Wall Extensions with PVC Warm-up: 2 min jump rope -then- 50′ Bear Crawl 50′ Crab walk 50′ Skipping 50′

Routine is the Enemy

Saturday, June 21, 2014 Beach WOD- 11:30 am! Prehab: Fire hydrants x15Hollow Hold x30 secondsPVC dislocates (seated) x10 Handstand hold 30-45 seconds  Warm up: 300m Row-then 2 rds with moderate weight

New Fitness Classes

Saturday, June 14 – Bring a Friend to any class, including the Beach workout!   Prehab: T-push ups 2×10 each sideBanded squats 2×10 reps (Blue T-band placed around knees)Single Leg


Saturday, June 7, 2014 Prehab: Monster walks 2×20″Super Rack stretch x60″Keg Drill x2 min Warm-up: Junkyard dog x52rds: PVC–>BB5 Upright Rows 5 OHS  or Front Squat5 Good MorningsPosition 1/position 2 x3

Rock Tape

Saturday, May 31, 2014 Prehab: Scap Push ups 2×15Side Plank 2×45″Fire Hydrants 2×15 Warm up: Run 200m-then- 2rds:6 Pull ups9 Push ups12 Mountain Climbers 15 Air Squats Strength:  15 minutes to find

Day 1 Regionals: World Record Snatch

Saturday, May 24, 2014 Closed today and tomorrow!  Come on out and support the team at Regionals! Classes held on Monday at 8, 9, and 10am in MDR only! Day