Week 3/30/15

  Monday – Snatch/Squat 1)  3 Position Snatch (floor, hang, high hang): 2 sets 75%, 4 sets @ 80% 2) Hatch Cycle Week 3, Day 1 3a) Glute Ham Raise: 3

Week of 3/23/15

Monday – Snatch/Squat 1)  3 Position Snatch (high hang, hang, floor): 3 sets 70%, 3 sets @ 75% 2) Hatch Cycle Week 2, Day 1 3a) Glute Ham Raise: 3 x

Week of 3/16/2015 – New Cycle

Our new cycle will emphasize increasing overall strength – squatting, pressing, and pulling. We will still be doing the lifts but the focus will be speed and technique, at least

Week of 3/9/2015 – Deload Week

Those of you who just competed should definitely take it easy this week. If you come in to train, follow the programming. If something does not feel good, than rest

VBC at the 6th Annual ChikaraSport St. Patty’s Day Open

On March 7th Venice Barbell Club will have its biggest showing ever at the the 6th annual ChikaraSport St. Patty’s Day weightlifting meet in Whittier. This a great venue and

Week of 3/2/14 – Meet Week!

Official Meet Week video. Meet week. The schedule will be slightly different this week to allow for optimal preparation for the meet. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday will be normal but

Week of 2/23/2015

14 years old. Week 8 (2 weeks out). We will begin the week with  slight deloads on the lifts but max outs in the squats. This will turn to two

Week of 2/16/2015

Week 7. All lifts will be in the 2 rep range and mostly taken up to 95% but not above. The two following weeks will be turn to some doubles

Week of 2/9/15

Week 6. We have just under four weeks until the Chikara meet. This week with be the final sessions of triples across all movements and in most cases you be

Week of 2/2/2015

Week 5. We will be sticking with most exercises being triples or three movement complexes but the intensity will go up and I will try to add some more variance.