Getting to know you

Saturday, January 26, 2013 Mobility: Run 400m/ Row 500mAssisted bottom of the SquatAnkle mobility with a bandOverhead shoulder distraction with a bandKeg Drill Group Warmup: With a Barbell perform:10 Overhead

Legendary Competitor Battle of the boxes

Legendary Competitor is hosting a competition at the LA convention centre on January 19 and January 20. On Saturday the 19th its an individual event ($80) and on the 20th

A little OC Recap! (Sorry it’s so Long)

 Saturday, January 19   Mobility 50 Double unders or 25 attemptsSuper rack stretch with a bandHip extension with a bandAssisted squat with a bandAnkle Mobility with a band   Group

OC Throwdown

Lara has qualified for the OC Throwdown. The Competition will be on January 12th and 13th. A crowd is always greatly appreciated and the event is extremely fun to watch.

Beast Mode

Saturday, January 12, 2012  Mobility: Hip extension with a bandOlympic wall SquatPosterior chain flossing   Group warmup 400m run15 burpees15 air squatsReview and practice all movements    Conditioning: “Filthy Fifty”

Getting Nervous… OC Throwdown in almost here

Saturday 1/05/2013   Mobility: Row 500m/ run 400mPosterior chain flossing10 Wall ExtentionsT-Spine Smash10 Lat Activations   Classic Gymnastics Strength: 5 sets of 5 “Negative” Pullups, rest 90 seconds between sets

Family Matters

Saturday, December 29, 2012   Mobility: 500 meter RowPosterior Chain Flossing with BandAssisted bottom of the squatOverhead Band DistractionT-spine Smash Group Warmup: with an empty barbell5 Overhead Squat5 High Hang

Chill Out!

Saturday, December 22, 2012   Warmup/Mobility: Row 500mOlympic Squat on the WallT-Spine SmashSuper Rack Stretch with BandHip extension with a band Strength: Front Squats 1) Every 45 sec for 3

What does your Christmas look like?

Saturday, December 15, 2012    Solo Warmup: Row 500mHip extension with a bandAssisted squat with a bandTricep mashpractice handstand pushups    Group Warmup: Abridged version of hip prep    Strength,

Weekend Beach WOD!!!!

Meet the PCF family for a partner beach wod saturday 12/8 and sunday 12/9! Meet South side of Venice Pier! The WODs will be announced at the beach, so come