How to Build Lean Muscle: 4 Effective Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises

The summer months are just around the corner, and if you want to get in shape for beach season, there is no better path than CrossFit. By championing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit workouts allow you to burn a lot of calories while building lean muscle.

Here are four weight training exercises you can try today.

1. Deadlifts

There aren’t many weight training exercises that put more stress on your body. Deadlifts can do wonders for your back, as well as your lower-body strength. To complete this exercise, place a barbell on the floor in front of you. Lift up the bar to the middle of your thighs and lock in your hips and knees. Then, place the weights back on the floor by moving your hips backwards and bending your legs. Rest, then repeat.

It is important to focus on your deadlifting form, as better technique will make it easier to lift more weight. If you have never done a deadlift before, it is important to have a coach watch you begin. Deadlifts can lead to serious injuries to your legs and back when done improperly.

2. Squats

One of the most popular weight training exercises, squats are a great way to tone your leg muscles—especially your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves—as well as your glutes and lower back.

To complete a squat, stand straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart, and place your hands in front of you to maintain balance.

Then, act as if you are sitting down into a chair, and continue moving down until you feel your weight in your heels.

Then, push through your heels until you are standing up straight again.


As is the case with deadlifts, it’s important to use the right form when doing squats—especially if you start using weights. This exercise is often done with the wrong technique, so do your research before starting and, of course, consult your coach.

3. Weighted Dips

Performing dips is a great way to work your triceps, biceps, and chest muscles. Once you’ve gained a lot of experience with this exercise, you can add some weight to make it more difficult.

You can start by putting on a dip belt and tying a weight to it. To begin, grab a hold of two dip bars and straighten your arms. Slowly lower your body until your shoulders are under your elbows, then push upward and make your arms straight again. Make sure you don’t shrug or roll your shoulders forward, as doing so can lead to injury.

4. Push Press

If you want to work your shoulders, triceps, and leg muscles, this is a great exercise to build lean muscle.

Begin by placing a barbell in front of you. Pick up the barbell and quickly rest it on your shoulders, with your elbows pointed forward. Drop down into a squat, press up on your heels, then push the bar straight above your head.

Again, work with a coach when doing this exercise, as it is dangerous to perform with the wrong technique.

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