Culver City Fitness Center: 3 Reasons to Consider Paradiso CrossFit

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Maybe you’re a CrossFit veteran looking for a new home. Perhaps you’ve only heard of CrossFit in passing and are ready to give it a shot. Or maybe you’re an intermediate athlete somewhere in-between. Regardless, we strongly believe Paradiso—named LA Weekly’s “Best Gym” in Los Angeles in 2016—is the right option for you.

Here are three reasons to consider joining our Culver City fitness center.

1. Our Trainers Know Their Stuff

CrossFit is, in a word, intense. Those who are new to the sport need to receive professional guidance before attempting to do any of the intricate workouts that take place inside the box. Otherwise, injuries (some of which could be long term) are bound to occur. With experienced and passionate coaches and staff, we have the trainers you need to thrive—whether you’ve never stepped inside a CrossFit box before, or have professional aspirations of your own.

At the onset, new members at the Culver City fitness center begin by taking a no-cost, one on one training session with one of our pro trainers. The two of you will compose a plan that will guide you along the way, and that trainer will stick with you throughout your time at Paradiso.

2. Training Sessions are Just The Beginning

Success as a CrossFit athlete requires more than your typical workout. At the Culver City fitness center, we have a wide variety of products and services that can keep you on the path towards a healthier self. When you join our box, you’ll have access to our physical therapy, meal supplement services, Fascial Stretch Therapy, nutritional support, and more.

Moreover, you’ll have access to our collection of helpful blogs and videos, member spotlight features, as well as specialty classes for those who wish to lift free weights, swim, and practice yoga.

3. You’ll Be Joining a Supportive, Tight-Knit Community

As soon as you walk into the Culver City fitness center, the sense of community amongst our athletes, coaches, and staff will be palpable.

At Paradiso, we understand that CrossFit can be intimidating for newcomers. We go to great lengths to foster a respectful environment that is free of judgment and unhealthy pressure. The commitment we make to our members is strong, and, in turn, our members are expected to treat each other and our coaches and staff with the utmost respect.

These expectations have led to a supportive, tight-knit community—one that has produced many friendships outside the box. Additionally, you and your fellow members at the gym will push each other and be there to celebrate accomplishments big and small.

If you’re ready to be a part of our team, and if you’re ready to make commitment to yourself, your health, and your future, you can click here to get started with your free trial at the Culver City fitness center.

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