4 CrossFit Etiquette Rules For Out-of-Town CrossFitters

If you’re traveling or visiting another city, but you’re determined to maintain your CrossFit schedule, it can be hard to adjust to the lay of the land at an unfamiliar gym. You don’t know the people, the placement of the equipment, and most importantly the ethics of the gym. Like any newcomer, you should be aware that you are expected to follow certain guidelines in order to maintain good CrossFit etiquette.

At Paradiso CrossFit, we welcome all out-of-town CrossFitters and offer affordable Drop-In Classes for anyone who wants to stop in and get a great workout. Read on below for a few words of advice for visiting our CrossFit box in Los Angeles.

  1. Be Organized

Organization is the key to success no matter what your job may be, and in the CrossFit world, organization goes a long way in maintaining order in the box. One way to be organized in the box is to return and replace any weights or items used during your workout. While it may seem tedious to stack everything back up neatly, it keeps everyone’s routines in the box easy going and hassle-free.

Second, make sure you always sign in before going into a class. Attendance is important, but it is also important to identify yourself before going in. Make sure you signed up ahead of time by calling or emailing your class instructor prior to your arrival so you don’t interrupt anyone.

  1. Be Respectful

It should go without saying, but our next rule is to be respectful. In order to be respectful in the box, make sure you are mindful of others around you when visiting CrossFit in Los Angeles. Don’t spring a conversation on someone mid-workout, and certainly don’t take up more space than you need to on a certain exercise.

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  1. Be Ready To Work

When you come into the gym, your focus should solely be on trying to complete the best workout you can. Especially when you’re in a class, always pay attention to your coach’s instructions, so you don’t misunderstand what your workouts will be. Also, make sure you have the right mindset going in; the worst CrossFit etiquette mistake that one can make is being unmotivated to work.

Another tip is to always be on time and be warmed up before a class begins. Newcomers often make the mistake of not performing dynamic stretches prior to a half hour or full hour workout circuit, which lead to injuries or soreness.

  1. Be Open-Minded

Our last rule is to be open-minded, because an open mind is the key to building new relationships and experiences. Just as we mentioned with our tip to be ready for the gym, we recommend trying to leave your worries at the door. Everyone has a bad day, but you shouldn’t ruin the workout experience for everyone.

Also, by keeping an open mind, you may open the door to meet and connect with fellow gym goers, which could lead to a new gym buddy in a short time.

How To Learn More Tips About Visiting CrossFit In Los Angeles

Our team at Paradiso CrossFit strives to give you the best information available, so you can make informed decisions about your fitness. We hope that you learned more about CrossFit etiquette in this article, and if you found this information helpful, check out our WOD Blog for more web content on a variety of topics.

If you’re interested in coming to one of our CrossFit boxes, check out our Culver City, Venice, or Venice Barbell Club locations today!

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