Playa Vista CrossFit Gym:

3 Reasons To Choose Paradiso CrossFit

Our team at Paradiso CrossFit is committed to excellence in our gyms. Our award-winning gyms offer amenities and services that we know will support our members’ fitness goals in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Today, we want to share with you three reasons why we beat any other Playa Vista CrossFit gym. These reasons include our expert coaches and staff, our specialty classes, and our website’s WOD blog.

1) Expert Coaches And Staff Ready To Assist

One of the great aspects of Paradiso CrossFit that beats out all other gyms in Playa Vista is our incredible coaching staff. From former CrossFit and bodybuilding competitors to collegiate and Olympic-level athletes, our staff has the years of real-world fitness experience, as well as the proper training, to assist you in your fitness journey.

We also have many specially trained coaches that can add value to anyone who is not the standard gym goer. They also lead many of our specialty fitness classes, which are great for anyone who is not looking for our CrossFit classes. All of these attributes, plus our coaches’ careful attention to individual assessment, make our staff the best in Playa Vista and make our gym beat any other Playa Vista CrossFit gym.

2) Specialty Classes That Offer More Than Just Fitness

At Paradiso CrossFit, we offer more than just our namesake CrossFit classes. We have three unique specialty classes that go on each week. The first class is Flexibility & Mobility, which teaches yoga and other assisted stretching exercises to get you feeling loose. This class is great for anyone who is starting out in yoga or who is looking for an all-encompassing post-workout routine.

The second class we offer is Swim Class, which trains you for the high intensity interval training found in CrossFit. We teach you swimming skills and techniques, so you can be ready to take on any other exercise course.

Our third and last course is PCF University. We love this course, because each week we go over one specific area of health. We set PCF University up like a college course where you receiver homework each week over a two to three month period.

3) A WOD Blog And Website Features To Empower Your Fitness Experience

Our final reason why our gym beats out any other Playa Vista CrossFit gym is we have an amazing set of online resources. Our WOD blog is a constantly updating view into our workout schedules. The WOD blog breaks down exactly what to do for each set of exercises. Beyond this blog, we also offer tips and techniques videos to lead through exercises from the comfort of your home.

Find One of Our Playa Vista CrossFit Gym

With all of these reasons why we have one of the best CrossFit gyms, what are you waiting for? Paradiso CrossFit would love to help you begin or continue your fitness journey. Learn more about any of our locations in Culver City or Venice Beach and start training today.

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