Where Are Some Of The Best Group Exercise Classes In Playa Del Rey?

Group Exercise Class In Playa Del Rey

The Best Group Exercise Classes In Playa Del Rey: 4 Reasons to Choose Paradiso CrossFit

Paradiso CrossFit is a family owned and member focused set of gyms. Our goal is to provide you the best CrossFit classes, and we do this through our high intensity workouts and our robust member community. If you’re looking for the best group exercise classes in Playa Del Rey, read on to learn about why CrossFit may be right for you.

1. Intense Training for Intense Results

As our name suggests, we offer many CrossFit classes, which are popular for their high intensity interval training, or HIIT. HIIT has become synonymous with CrossFit over the past decade, and the reason why it has become so popular is that the results are self-evident.

The workouts of the day are a model of fitness classes where members come into class each day with a brand new set of exercises to go through. This model, combined with the HIIT, ensures that members will be pushing their limits together as they work through each intense module.

2. Our Expert Coaches and Staff Work Directly With You

A key reason why we have one of the group exercise classes in Playa Del Rey is that our staff works directly with each member. Our training philosophy, ‘Everything is Everything’, means that we believe our actions, both inside and outside the gym, has an impact on our fitness.

This training philosophy bolsters the results of your workout experience by keeping you focused on your training while at the gym, but also tracking your fitness and nutritional goals outside of the gym. This disciplined structure often leads to a total lifestyle transformation for many of our members.

3. Group Exercises For Whatever You Are Looking For

Our team at Paradiso wants to fulfill our members’ expectations for fitness, so we offer other specialty classes beyond our CrossFit classes. We offer classes in yoga, swim, and barbell exercises.

Each of these classes is led by trained coaches who has had years of experience in the discipline they are teaching. We know that CrossFit is not for everyone, which is why we think our gyms have some of the group exercise classes in Playa Del Rey.

4. Strong Community First

We have only one thing when it comes to our gym environment: community first. We strive to welcome new members to our gyms from any fitness background, because we know that the strength of our community will push everyone forward and lift everyone up to achieve their fitness goals.

With our individualized coaching and high intensity group exercises, it is no surprise that we consider ourselves to have one of the best CrossFit classes near Playa Del Rey.

Try One Of Our Group Exercise Classes In Playa Del Rey Today!

We know that CrossFit or any of our specialty classes is a great starting point for fitness. Our team at Paradiso CrossFit wants to work with you and push your fitness to its limits.

If you interested in learning about the classes we offer here at Paradiso CrossFit, call us at (310) 450-6870 today, or stop by any of our Venice Beach or Culver City locations.

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