Find the Best Personal Trainers In Mar Vista

Paradiso CrossFit is a family-owned CrossFit gym in Mar Vista, which aims to help everyone succeed in their fitness goals. Our team at Paradiso CrossFit strives to improve your fitness level through individualized training and care while offering fun and effective group fitness classes.

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Our large professional coaching staff that has helped hundreds of people over the years. If you join one of our classes, you will see that we have some of the best personal trainers in Mar Vista. Here are three reasons why you should choose Paradiso CrossFit for world-class personal training.

1. Trainers With Years of Experience and Leadership

Many of our personal trainers have years of experience as trainers and athletic competitors. Josh Gallegos, for example, has become a major figure in the CrossFit community over the last eight years. From serving as coach and general manager at DogTown CrossFit, one of the most popular gyms in Los Angeles, to emceeing at national CrossFit Games, Josh has proven to be a leader and an ambassador for the CrossFit community.

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Josh Squyres is another leader in the field of fitness, and a member of the Paradiso CrossFit personal training family. As a 2-time Olympic trial qualifier in weightlifting and a 2nd place finisher Olympic trials in the 94kg class, Josh has excelled in the sport of weightlifting. But beyond his achievements, Josh has done much more to give back to the sport he loves. He was a football strength and conditioning intern at UCLA and is the current head strength and conditioning coach for Santa Monica High School.

Both Gallegos and Squyres demonstrate the level of leadership and skill needed to be the best personal trainers in Mar Vista.

2. Trainers Who Are a Part of the Community

Our personal trainers not only have years of experience under their belts — they’ve won belts. Chelsea McKinney, a proud Paradiso CrossFit trainer, has been both a national champion in cheerleading and a competitor at the national CrossFit Games; she is passionate about CrossFit and gymnastics, and she has shared this passion with students after 14 years of coaching.

Lauren Gravatt has accomplished a lot of athletic feats over her life. Starting out as a high school athlete and lifeguard, she quickly moved on to Tough Mudder competitions and half marathons. Eventually, she worked her way to Olympic distance triathlons and now CrossFit competitions, and after all of this achievement, she continues to inspire new CrossFitters to follow their passion to be best athletes they can be.

The passion and care for fitness our training staff at Paradiso CrossFit has is what makes them the best personal trainers in Mar Vista.

specialized personal trainers in Mar Vista

3. Trainers With Specialized Knowledge

Our team at Paradiso CrossFit includes coaches and personal trainers with specialized backgrounds. Some of them like Andrea Stehman and Amy Garrett are our swim instructors. Andrea has a background in competitive swimming and physical therapy, and Amy has been a national swimming competitor, placing fourth overall in 2008.

Our team also has two well-qualified physical therapists, Steve Sudell and Lindsay Sudell. Lindsay has graduate degrees in Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology and has worked as personal trainer and occupational therapist. Steve has earned a Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy and has specialized in working with athletic populations from college to professional athletes. Both Steve and Lindsay have certifications for CrossFit and kinesiology.

Choose Paradiso CrossFit Personal Trainers

Don’t wait to start pursuing your fitness goals. Start getting in shape with the best personal trainers in Mar Vista. If you interested in meeting our team at Paradiso CrossFit, call us at (310) 450-6870 or visit any of our gyms in Culver City, Venice Beach, or the Venice Barbell Club. Discover a different way to workout at Paradiso CrossFit.

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