Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.41.48 PM
How do you #Speedladder ?


Stretch Calves
Stretch Achiles
Foam Roll Quads
Stretch Hamstrings


Coach’s Choice Warm Up
Warm up Technique for Strength Work


Teams of two:

Partner Deadlifts
Burpees (one working at a time)
Hang Cleans
Calorie Row

Notes: Preferred partnering is same sex. If partnering M/F overload the Male side of the barbell for the deadlift.
L1: If you struggle to deadlift with proper position do not share a bar with a partner,
consider suitcase deadlifts DB 15/10
L2: 205/155, 75/55
Rx: 350 (M/F loading: 170/135) F/F 265,  M/M 405, 135/95
Rx+ 185/135 cleans

Cool Down

Banded Lat Stretch
Mash Traps and upper back with bar and/or lacrosse bar
Stretch Hamstrings

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