Friday, July 22, 2016

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Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 10.30.57 PM
Chase #bendinbars


Stretch Calves
Stretch Achiles
Foam Roll Quads
Stretch Hamstrings


Coach’s Choice Warm Up
Warm up Technique for Strength Work


Back Squat 8X3 Work up to a heavy triple

Strict Axle Bar Press 5X5 Build to a 5 rep max (compare to previous weeks with 1” diameter bars)

Notes: Rest 90 seconds between sets (or alternate with a partner). These are separate movements. Finish your back squats and then set up for your strict press.


5 Rounds for time:
8 Kb Snatches Alt
12 Box Jumps
20/15 Cal Row

Notes: 15 min time cap
L1: Db 15/10, 12/8”
L2: Kb 12/8kg, 20/12”
Rx: 24/16kg, 30/24”

Cool Down

Walk 200m

Foam Roll and Stretch where you are tight

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