Saturday, July 9, 2016

The second half of our new cycle begins! We will be changing up the order for the Strength/Sprint work and adding in some new equipment like axle bars.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.20.01 PM


Foam Roll Quads
20 groiners
20 Scapular retractions in ring row position
Plank hold 1min


Musical Movements!
Coach or class pick a song, a jam, a hot record!

When the music is playing, class is jogging in a big circle.

When the music stops! Coach yells out a movement (i.e. 5 air squats!) the last person to finish is out and does burpees for the rest of the song!


Teams of 3:

Once your barbell is lifted off the ground it cannot return to the ground until the end of the workout. Your team must decide on one weight for the workout. Alternate the following reps, anyhow

6 Rope Climbs
60 Shoulder to Overhead
6 Rope Climbs
60 Front Squats
6 Rope Climbs
60 Hang Cleans
6 Rope Climbs
60 Thrusters
6 Rope Climbs

Notes: If your bar touches the ground at all throughout the workout your team must drop and do 5 burpees immediately
L1: 18 Ring Rows per round, 20/15# Dumbbells, same holding rule apply
L2: 18 Pull­Ups per Round (Banded if necessary), 75/55
Rx: 105/75
Rx+ 135/95, Legless

Cool Down
Banded Lat Stretch
Mash Traps and upper back with bar and/or lacrosse ball
Stretch Hamstrings

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