Thursday, June 30, 2016

This weekend Sunday evening classes will be canceled at Venice and we will hold a bring a friend and family workout Monday, July 4th at 9&10am at both locations.

We are holding our quarterly VBC members only meet on July 8th. Costumes required, prizes for the best! Sign up for the meet at the front desk.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.26.53 PM


15 Ring Rows
20 PVC Passthroughs
Calf Stretch :30 each side
Stretch Wrists and Forearms


2 Rounds:
Row or Bike 10 cal
2 wall walks
10 hollow rocks
2 inch worms
10 double unders (or 30 singles)


Every minute for 18 minutes (6 rounds)
Min 1: 7 deficit strict HSPU’s (45’s/25’s)
Min 2: 100 meter sprint
Min 3: 50 foot sled pull, add weight from previous weeks

Notes: If you cannot do deficit do reg strict. If you cannot do strict do pike push-ups, if you cannot do pike-push-ups do push-ups. For the sled pull you should be able to complete the work in less than 20 seconds so two people can go within the minute. We will add weight next week. 

Suggested weights: L1: 45/25
L2: 70/45
Rx: 90/70
Rx+: 135/90


10 minutes AMRAP:
8 Sumo deadlift high pulls
50 Double Unders
25 Abmat sit-ups
8 Power Snatches

Notes: L1: KB high pulls 12/8kg, Alt DB snatches 20/15, 100 single unders
L2: KB high pulls 16/12kg, 55/35 Hang Power Snatches, double under attempts
Rx: 105/75
Rx+135/95, GHD

Cool Down
Sit down, use your empty bar to mash traps
Hold Ring or rig, walk away, thumb down, twist away to stretch chest and bicep
Foam Roll Calves
Stretch Forearms

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