Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We are holding our quarterly VBC members only meet on July 8th. Let us know if you plan to compete!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.21.27 PM


Stretch Hamstrings
Stretch Glutes
Spinal Twist


Across the floor movement prep/mobility (Punter kicks, lunges, banana rolls, frogger hops, inch worms, etc.)

Hip Extensions on GHD
Vertical Jumps

Technical Barbell Warm-Up with Bar


EMOM 10 minutes:
Power Clean 3 (heavier than last week)/ 3 High Box Jumps

Notes: L1: 12/8”
L2: 24/20”
Rx: 30/24”
Share boxes in large classes.


20 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder
40 Toes to Bar
60 Sandbag Front Squats
800 Meter Sandbag Run

Notes: L1: Use Dumbbells if Sandbag is unmanageable. (20/15) otherwise use 30lb sandbag
L2: 50/30
Rx: 70/50

Cool Down
Stretch Calves
Foam Roll Upper Back
Lay on back hug knees into chest
Seated Pike Stretch

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