Friday, June 10, 2016

PCF University has begun! Its not too late to sign up for “Sunday Mass”, and Muscle Ups (starts June 26th).

PCF University Handstand class is now online! Email us for a member-only discount code 🙂

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Sunday Mass with coach ‘Jefe’ begins this weekend!


Stretch Wrists and forearms
10 calf raises
10 single leg calf raises
:30 bottom of squat hold rock side to side


split into 2 groups
Group 1: Run 400m
Group 2: AMRAP while their gone– 3 air squats, 5 push-ups, 7 mountain climbers (ea leg)


7 sets of 40 yard sprints @75% for all.

Notes: Rest is the walk back to the starting line. This is our first week of sprinting. Sprinting is one of the most injurious activities we participate in, but it is optimal for our overall fitness.  Like the GHD we will be easing into our Friday sprints. Please still to the percentage, run at a speed you would most likely run a 200 meter run. Do not go all out on any of the seven sets this week.


Complete 5 Rounds for time:

5 Heavy Thrusters
200 meter DB Farmer’s Carry
200 meter Sandbag Carry
10 Plyo Push Ups

Notes: Thruster/Clean weight is the same.
L1: DB 20/15 same weight for thrusters and farmer’s carry, sandbags 50/30.  Plyo
Pushups will be on ten pound plates and with a band. Use a band that helps you work on being explosive from the bottom and allows you to jump your hands onto the plates. If this is not possible do knee push-ups and walk your hands onto the plates.
L2: 75/55, 50/30, 35/25 Same rules for Plyo as L1, use 10 pound plates.
Rx: 135/95, 40/30, 70/50, 45/25 plates for plyo
Rx+: 185/135, 55/40, 70/50, 45/25

Cool Down
Stretch Chest
Mash Traps with Barbell
Stretch Wrists and Forearms

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