PCF University – Prehab2Perform

A Path to Injury Prevention and Athletic Performance with Steve and Lindsay Sudell

  • Wednesdays at 8pm at our Venice location from June 8th – July 13th
  • Register HERE now or email us at mail@paradisocrossfit.com with questions
  • Cost is $75


PCF University classes are 6-week specialty classes designed by our expert coaches to help you improve one specific area of health and fitness through an immersive experience.

Classes are held once per week and include “homework” that you can do outside of class to rapidly improve in a specific area of focus.

In this course you will learn exactly what areas you need to improve and specific individualized exercises/stretches that will help you achieve that deeper squat, better overhead position, and prevent injury.

Here is a review from Kyle Jacobsen, an alumni of this course:


Before taking PCF University “Prehab and Mobility” my overhead squat and snatch positions were admittedly pretty terrible. I was frustrated because I was making gains in strength and skill work, but I struggled to overhead squat 135 lb for multiple reps.

Steve helped me pinpoint the sources of my weakness and provided me with the stretches to improve. Each week we went over exercises that focused on different muscle groups. Some things I was good at, and some things I really needed to work on. For me personally, I need to stretch my tight hips, thoracic spine and internally rotated shoulders.

Mobility is still a weakness for me, but I’ve gotten better. After several accumulated hours of keg drills and wall extensions and I can now overhead squat over 200 lb and my Nancy time is 11:30. My snatch, though, is still too embarrassingly light to mention.

I recommend this class to anyone interested in improving their lifts. So much of weightlifting/crossfit is mobility, and I feel much more confident executing a movement knowing I’ve properly “prehabbed”.

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