Monday, June 6, 2016

PCF University begins this week, and we even have an online course option! We will have Prehab2Perform, “Sunday Mass”, and Muscle Ups.

PCF University Handstand class is now online! Email us for a member-only discount code 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.17.41 PM

Malibu Creek climbing crew yesterday. Who knew we had walls like this 30 minutes from home?


Super Rack Stretch
2×10 Single arm bent over KB row
2×10 hip extensions on GHD


3min to mobilize/stretch/complete prehab

3 rounds
:20 work/:10 transition
1. ring rows
2. air squats
3. plank hold
4. Good mornings (with barbell)


Deadlift, find your 5RM (do at least three heavy attempts)
Alternate attempts with 3X max strict pull-ups

Notes: Record heaviest set of five deadlifts. Record each set of pull-ups attempts. Newer athletes use KBs for suitcase deadlifts, and use a band or do ring rows.


Complete 3 Sets of:
As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes:
6 heavy KB Swings
6 push press
6 lateral barbell burpees

Notes: 2 minutes between Sets. Continue next cycle where the previous left off for a running total of rounds and reps. Therefore you will have one score of total rounds and reps.
L1: 16/12kg (russian), DB Push Press 15/10
L2: 16/12kg, 75/55
Rx: 24/16kg, 105/75
Rx+ 30/24kg, 155/105

Cool Down
Seated Pike Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Foam Roll Legs

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