Saturday, June 4, 2016

PCF University begins next week, and we even have an online course option! We will have Prehab2Perform, “Sunday Mass”, and Muscle Ups.

PCF University Handstand class is now online! Email us for a member-only discount code 🙂

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Our newest product- PCF Wetsuits(kidding). But, seriously…get out there and use your fitness!!


Ankle mobility
Stretch Hamstrings
15 Hip extensions on GHD
20 Groiners
Stretch Calves


Run 200m

Complete 2 rounds of 10 each
PVC Pass Throughs
PVC Overhead Squats
Kipping Swings


Team’s of three:
100 Power Cleans
80 Toes to Bar
60 Overhead Squats
3X400 meter run (each partner runs, relay style)
200 Double Unders
100 sit-ups

Notes: Divide up reps anyhow, unless otherwise listed. One partner is always hanging on the pull-up bar while one partner is working, except for during the runs. For example, during the power cleans Partner A will clean, Partner B will hang, Partner C will rest. Rotate as necessary. If you cannot hang from the pull-up bar then do plank, if you can no longer hang from the pull-up bar at anytime during the workout, hold plank.
L1: DB power cleans 20/15, V-Up, DB front squats, single unders X3, abmat sit-ups
L2: 75/55, Knee raises, double under attempts, abmat situps
Rx: 95/65
Rx+: 135/95, GHD sit-ups

Cool Down
Foam Roll Quads
15 weighted reverse snow angels
Roll out upper back with Lacrosse ball

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