Friday, May 6, 2016

Team Paradiso CrossFit Venice has qualified for the California Super Regional May 13-15. You can purchase tickets HERE

Support the competition team by buying the Regionals shirt for $25 on Use code PCFMDR or PCFVENICE at checkout for free shipping and to let us know which gym you want to pick it up at!

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Acro Yoga is back!


20 Calf Raises
Stretch Calves
15 Hip Extensions
20 Bent Over Rows with Barbell


Across the Floor Drills
20 Boot Strappers (feet shoulder distance, touch toes, lift hips up and down)
20 Glute Bridges
20 Explosive jump squats


Rotate Between A and B for four rounds
5 Clean lift offs, 5 clean pulls
25 Overhead Plate sit-ups

Notes: Loading will be based on 90-100% of your clean. Do not force a heavy load if technique is failing. Plate sit-ups should range from 10-25 pounds. Legs should be in a piked position. Try not to use too much momentum to sit-up.

Clean Lift Off VIDEO:


Conditioning 1:
150 Double Unders for time
Rest 3 minutes
Conditioning 2:
Row 500 meters for time
Rest 3 minutes
Conditioning 3:
Run 800 meters for time
Cool Down
Foam Roll Glutes
Stretch Calves
3x:30 arch hold

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