Sunday, March 20, 2016

Try your hand at weightlifting, we will have a members only meet Friday April 1st. Anybody can join, EMAIL US to reserve your spot! 

We are also holding a USAW sanctioned meet, the VBC Summer Classic, on Saturday May 7th. You can REGISTER HERE.


Stretch Calves
20 hanging lat activations
15 Arch Lifts
10 Groiners each side


Across the floor mobilty and dynamic stretches

Mountain climbers R/L=1
Push Ups
Squat Jumps


50 kettlebell swings
50 push-ups
50 clean-and-jerks
50 pull-ups
50 kettlebell “taters”
50 box jumps
50 wall walks
50 knees-to-elbows
50 double-unders
Kettlebell Tater Video:

Notes: L1: 12/8kg, DB Clean and Jerk 20/15, 16”, 10 Wall Walks (to a piked position, or wherever you are comfortable), Goblet Squats, V-Ups, 100
      single Unders
L2: 16/12kg, 75/55, 20”, 20 Wall Walks, hanging knee raises, 50 double under attempts.
Rx: 24,16kg, 135/95, 24” Box Jump, 30 Wall Walks
Rx+ same as Rx but all the wall walks.
The crux of this workout is the time spent on the Wall Climbs. Dig deep- these will only make you stronger. Watch KB tater video before coming to class. 🙂
If you have trouble with the KB tater movement scale to Goblet Squats.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Calves
Foam Roll Lats Back
Cobra Stretch
20 arch lifts

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