Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Venice 10am class will be canceled due to a special event for a local business. There is a 10am class at Marina if that is the only time that works for you. Email us if you’d like to set something up with your company!

Celebrate the end of the Open with us in VEGAS! This is a climbing trip at the world famous Red Rocks, but we will be enjoying all the city has to offer as well. CLICK HERE for details.

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PVC Shoulder mobility
10 single arm KB strict press (bottom of bell faces ceiling)


Run 400m
Line Drills— Relay Race Style!
Form as even of teams as possible. Ex- 1st teammate up does 5 pushups, sprints down 5 pushups, sprints back and tags next teamie!


EMOM for 20 minutes

First 10 minutes, 2 Jerks,
Second 10 minutes 1 Jerk.

Notes: Build to a heavy single but stay on the minute. Start light. Record your heaviest double and your heaviest single.


For time:
21 DB Thrusters
Run 400 meters
18 DB Thruster
Run 400 meters
15 DB Thrusters
Run 400 meters

Notes: This is the first workout ever to appear on This is prescribed as “Fast and Heavy,” ideally the thrusters should not be broken up, and an impressive time would be under 7 minutes.
L1: 15/10
L2: 20/15
Rx: 35/25
Competitive (Rx+) 45/30

Cool Down

Pike Stretch
Couch stretch
Stretch wrists and forearms
Foam Roll upper Back

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