Sunday, February 28, 2016

OPEN ATHLETES: Make sure to get your 16.1 scores in by 5pm Monday. Do NOT wait until the last minute: the games site has been known to slow down on Monday due to the huge volume of people adding their scores.

We will announce the team results Tuesday after the leaderboard is finalized, good luck everybody!

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Chris focused on a celebratory (vegan, gluten free, paleo) milkshake.


Foam Roll Upper lats
Hold bottom of a squat 1-2min
Super rack stretch 1min each side


Grab a light resistance band.
20 band pull aparts
20 banded good mornings (step on band hip distance apart and loop around back of neck)
20 jumping jacks
20 straight arm pull downs
(loop band to rig, hold shoulder distance apart and pulldown from shoulders to hips with straight arms)

Warm up Cleans and Muscle ups


30 Rounds for time:
5 Burpees
3 Cleans (full squat)
1 Bar Muscle Up

Notes: 40 minute time cut off. Chose the most advanced gymnastic movement you can do. Bar Muscle Ups/Chest to Bar PU/ Pull-Ups/Banded Pull-Ups/Ring Rows (do 3 times ring rows and banded pull-ups)

L1: Hang DB Clean and Jerks 20/15
L2: 75/55#
Rx: 95/65#
R+ 135/95#

Cool Down

Hip bridge or full back bridge (wheel pose)
Stretch wrists
Roll out traps with barbell

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