CrossFit Games Open

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The CrossFit Games Open is an annual test of fitness and community event at Paradiso CrossFit.  From February 25 – March 28, there will one workout released for 5 weeks.  Each workout can be performed as Rx’d or Scaled, depending on experience and ability.  These workouts will contain classic tests of fitness and you will input your score into the CrossFit Games website where you can see your ranking in different regions, age groups and within the gym.

The primary reason we advocate participating is that it is a unique and fun way to test your fitness.  Think of it like your annual physical at the doctor, but based on your function.[/block]

This is something you can look forward to each year, allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses and gives you focus for the next year of training.

Registration costs $20, just click on the link above!

No matter if you register or not, the gym will be programming this workout to be performed every Friday during group class.  We will also be hosting “Friday Night Lights” at MDR every Friday and “Saturday Main Event” every Saturday to offer a supportive environment for athletes to perform the workouts.



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