Thursday, February 18, 2016

Venice will be closed a 4pm today for a special event.

DEADLINE IS TODAY AT 1:00- Register for the CrossFit Open by today at 1pm to be drafted onto one of the Paradiso Teams, get 25% off your next retail purchase between now and March 28, get 10% off a power supply order, and be eligible to win prizes like 2 Nick’s Paleo Ice Age meals! HERE is where you can register, it is important that you do it now! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 7.42.00 PM

Madison getting stronger. Not much more room on that barbell for plates!


PVC Dislocates
PVC Bottom of OH Squat :30
Keg drill


in 5 min or less, complete 2 rounds:
20 air squats
15 ring rows
10 burpees
5 donkey kicks (hands on floor, feet close to wall, jump off toes and tap feet on wall above hip height, rebound back up off floor)


3 Rounds NOT For time:
3 Legless Rope Climbs
30 Pistols (15/side)
100? HS Walk
:30 second L-Sit

Notes: L1: Rope Lowers, cossack squats, 2X30 sec plank hold, :30 sec
knees raised on pull-up bar.
L2: Rope Climbs, Assisted pistols, 50 shoulder taps


AMRAP 12 of:
30 Calorie Row
15 OHS

Notes: L1: Front Squat 45/35
L2: OHS 75/55
Rx: OHS 105/75
Rx+ OHS 135/95

Cool Down

Foam Roll Upper Back
Stretch Wrists
Hold a plank, accumulate 2min

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