Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Register for the CrossFit Open by Feb. 18th at 1pm to be drafted onto one of the Paradiso Teams! HERE is where you can register, it is important that you do it now! Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.22.25 PM

Don’t you just want to hug this guy? Look out for Joe D in the CrossFit Open!


2×15 good mornings with barbell
2×15 calf raises
2×15 Band lat activations


Stand in a circle… Now go to the bottom of a squat. Complete each movement as a waterfall, you go right after the person next to you finishes. Your waiting position is bottom of a squat OR a push up plank.
Go all the way around the circle 3 times with each movement
1. 2 burpees
2. 3 jumping air squats
3. 3 pushups


Deadlift, 6 sets with 3 minutes rest between sets:
Set 1: 10 reps
Set 2:10 reps
Set 3: 6 reps
Set 4: 8 reps
Set 5: 6 reps
Set 6: 4 reps

Notes: A good place to start would be around 55% of your deadlift. Build each set.
L1 athletes may use blocks or weights to pull off of if mobility hinders their starting position.


Every minute on the minute, for 21 minutes:
Minute 1- Russian Kettlebell Swings X15
Minute 2- Push Press x 10
Minute 3- 40 Double Unders

Notes: L1: Swings 35/24, DB Push Press 20/15, 60 single unders
L2: Swings 35/24 Push Press 65/45, 20 double under attempts
Rx: Swings 53/35 Push Press 95/65
Rx+: Swings 53/35 Push Press 115/7

You have a potential score of 21. If you hit all your reps, your score is 21. If you skip a minute or do not complete the work for any given minute… your score would be 20, etc.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Back
Foam Roll IT Band
Foam Roll Calves

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