Monday, January 18, 2016

Congrats to Coach LG for placing 2nd overall at Wodapalooza, the biggest CrossFit-style competition outside of the Games. Give her a high five when you see her this week!

We have a few spots left for the free rowing class this Sunday 1/24. Email us to reserve your spot!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 3.42.22 PM

Team PCF representing at the Battle of the Boxes competition in Ventura. This was Kyle’s (far right) first competition. Congrats on surviving buddy!


Stretch Calves
Dead Bug- lay on back with knees up 90 degree bend in knees, fists up towards ceiling arms straight. lower and lift on limb at a time toward the ground and back while KEEPING LOW BACK ON GROUND here is a video reference:


Grab a Med Ball!
2 rounds:
10 slow mountain climbers hand on ball… streeeetch
10 Med Ball deadlifts
10 Med Ball Goblet Squats
10 Push-ups with hands on Med Ball


3X10 Back Squat (add five to ten pounds from last week)


4 rounds for time:
10 dumbbell burpee deadlifts
15 Thrusters
200 meter run

Notes: A dumbbell burpee involves dropping to a burpee with hands on the db’s popping the hips up and standing tall holding the db’s. Rx weight is 20/35 Rx+ 35/50

Cool Down

Foam Roll Legs
Foam Roll Glutes
Banded Hamstring stretch

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