PCF University – Handstand Walking

6 week Handstand Walking Development with Chelsea McKinney

  • Wednesdays at 8:30pm at our Marina location from January 13 – February 17
  • Register HERE now or email us at mail@paradisocrossfit.com with questions
  • Cost is $75


PCF University classes are 6-week specialty classes designed by our expert coaches to help you improve one specific area of health and fitness through an immersive experience. Classes are held once per week and include “homework” that you can do outside of class to rapidly improve in a specific area of focus.

Chelsea will be teaching you how to handstand walk in her latest PCF University Gymnastics class.  This is a skill we rarely work on in the group setting, but is a very popular and enjoyable movement to learn.


  • Amy from her last PCF University Handstand course:

“They say that practice makes perfect, but that isn’t true. If it was, I would have been doing handstands and muscle ups way before I took Chelsea’s PCFU gymnastics class. My practice was simply to attempt the movements over and over again, until I accomplished what resembled a slow cartwheel, and wildly (and VERY inconsistently) swinging myself over the rings. What Chelsea’s PCFU class taught me was that perfect practice makes perfect. She broke down each movement into its basic components, and those were drilled ad nauseam until the vast majority of the class was performing the movements with perfect form. Her drills that facilitated that perfect practice turned my slow cartwheel into consistent static handstand holds. I also went from wild swinging to linking 3 muscle ups with actual technique. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Practice does not make perfect. Learning how to practice perfectly does, and Chelsea will definitely teach you how to do that. “

  • Max Bronfman, an alumni of her last PCF University Muscle Up class, who achieved his first muscle up while taking Chelsea’s PCF University class!
“I can’t say enough about how lucky I was to take coach Chelsea’s muscle up class. After the first class I was afraid that I was never going to get one. But thanks to great coaching and practicing the drills Chelsea taught us daily, I was able to get my first muscle ups the last week of the 5 week long class. It was great to have a small class size and get a lot of personalized instruction. It was an honor to learn this movement from such an amazing gymnast and coach alike. I would recommend the class to anybody who wants to take their Crossfit gymnastics skills to another level. “

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