Tuesday, January 5, 2016

PCF University starts next week. SIGN UP NOW! Classes will run from January 11-February 18. Monday 7pm is the Better Sleep & Stress Reduction with Tessie, Tuesday 730pm is Nutrition with Matt, Wednesday is both Prehab/Mobility with the Sudells 8pm & Handstand Walking with Chelsea 830pm, and Thursday 630pm is Running with Joshy G. Spots fill up quick so EMAIL US NOW to reserve your place in class!

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PCF University is right around the corner!


10 PVC good mornings
Hold Bottom of Squat 2min
ankle and wrist mobility


150m Row
15 pushups
150m Row
15 Sumo DL with a kb
150m Row
15 Russian kb swings

Review Sumo Deadlift


15 mins to find a heavy single Sumo Deadlift
–also perform 3 x 3 drop set at 80% of today

Notes: Work up to a heavy single in 12 mins then perform a 3 x 3 set at 80% in the remaining time.


4 Rounds: 2 Min CAP, 2 Min Rest
250m Men/200m Women Row
10 Burpee to Plate
12 KB Swing (RX: 24/16kg) (RX+: 32/20kg)

Notes: Interval training. Each round to be completed as fast as possible. 2 minute CAP for each round with 2 minutes rest. If you finish the round in under 2 mins, you earn extra rest. Burpee to plate is a standard burpee, but jump to a 25# plate instead of overhead clap. Must extend hips on plate.

Your Score is Rounds You Completed in under 2 minutes. If you hit them all, your score is 4.

Cool Down

Runners Lunge
5 inch worms
Seated pike stretch

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