Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This week there will be bring a friend and family days tomorrow (Thursday) through Saturday the 26th. There will be a limited schedule so check the weekly email for details!

PCF University will run from January 11-February 18. Monday 7pm is the Better Sleep & Stress Reduction with Tessie, Tuesday 730pm is Nutrition with Matt, Wednesday is both Prehab/Mobility with the Sudells 8pm & Handstand Walking with Chelsea 830pm, and Thursday 630pm is Running with Joshy G. Spots fill up quick so EMAIL US NOW to reserve your place in class!

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12 Days of Christmas WOD came early for the #7am MDR crew!


20 hanging lat activations
Foam Roll Lats
Stretch Wrists


400m Run, 400m Row, or Bike 0.25mi
2 rounds:
10 Ring Rows
5 Plank walks- up to hands, down to forearms=1
5 Burpee tuck jumps


EMOM x 12:
1 — 2 Rope Climbs
2 — 15 Hollow Rocks
3 — 20 Handstand Shoulder Taps

Notes: Scale Hollow Rocks to 30s hold. Scale rope climbs to lowering with the rope from a standing to lying position and back to standing. Handstand Shoulder Taps can be scaled to varied angles on the wall as well as push up position shoulder taps.


For Time:
800m Run
100 Russian Twists (20/14#) (R+L=2)
50 GHD Situps
1000m Row

Notes: RX Russian Twist is with feet off the ground! Scale GHD situps to Abmat Sit ups.

Cool Down

Upward Dog- Stretch Abs
Stretch Calves
PVC dislocates

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