Monday, December 7, 2015

Join us for a Holiday Beach Party & Low Country Boil at Mother’s Beach on Saturday December 12th at 130pm. We will be cooking shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn! CLICK HERE for more details.



Ankle Mobility
Hip bridges x 10
Hip Extensions x 20


Row 500m
10 Monster Walks ea. direction
10 pause air squats with theraband around knees


1 RM Backsquat

Notes: Warm up with set of 8 around 50% of your 1RM, 5 around 60%, 3 around 70%, 1 around 85%, 1 around 95%, 1 hopefully around 105%!


10 DB Snatch (5/side) (50/35)
15 Box Jumps (24/20”)
10 DB Front Lunges (50/35)
Rest 3 Min

Then For Time
Repeat same rounds and reps achieved in previous AMRAP

Notes: RX DB is 40/30, RX+ DB is 50/35First perform 6 mins, rest 3 minutes then you must perform amount of rounds and reps you completed in the first amrap, for time. The goal is to beat 6 minutes!

Cool Down

Foam Roll Glutes/Hamstrings, hips
Banded Hip Stretch
Wrist Stretches

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