Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thank you to everybody who came out, supported, participated, and volunteered at the Venice Barbell Club Holiday Classic!

Coach LG Thunder is putting her twist on the programming for the next 4 weeks. Look out for some fun workouts coming up!



Banded ankle and hip mobility
Mash forearms


Jump rope 2 min
5 wall walks
10 pushups
15 Dumbbell burpee deadlifts


5 rounds:
Farmer’s Carry 200m
200’ Bear Crawl (forward & backward)
10 Renegade Rows
-35 minute cap-

Notes: Use the same dumbbells for renegade rows and farmer’s carry. RX weight is 35/25. Renegade row is push up, row, row. It helps to take a wide stance with the feet. For the bear crawls, do 50m forward, 50 backwards, 50 forward, 50 backwards.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Calves
Upward dog
Quad Stretch
Stretch wrists/grip

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